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Was there ever a non-WAD item quoted on /newstuff?

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I'm asking this question, well, for my knowledge, as well as to learn if there actually has been anything that was on /Newstuff that didn't involve WADs, but still involving Doom itself.

I'm not sure if this would be the thread to post this under, either, but that's beside the point.

If so, this could make for an interesting conversation...

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Is there any possible way that a non-WAD Doom game be listed in /newstuff then? If there's magazine articles, they can surely put something else in there, can't they?

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You want your Doom RPG reviewed don't you.

Newstuff reviews anything accepted into the 3D gamers archive.

Though it has rules about what it accepts; for instance executable files aren't accepted.

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To answer your ambiguous question with a more direct answer:

They're almost definitely not going to let someone upload a, say, "Doom RPG" RPG Maker project to the /idgames archive. Here's just two solid reasons you shouldn't count on seeing such a thing in the archives:

A) The archive is not for fan games. It is for modification or, in some cases, historical documentation for the relevant games.

B) It involves copyright infringement top down. I doubt Ty is interested in fielding cease and desist letters if he doesn't have to (and it says right in the archive rules that they will just nuke them in that scenario).

In other words, you'd probably be better off releasing your RPG elsewhere. If you want it reviewed so bad, I would be happy to do so once the project is complete.

EDIT: Ninja'd by Vermil

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Well, I guess I can post the engine online, and submit the game separately, Can't I?

If so, I have the link to the game's engine.
The actual game is a separate file, like a wad.

Oh, I just caught what Ralphis posted. So i guess i'll just have to stick with the RPG engine's fansite then.

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