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MAP13 played on EDGE 1.34

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I got EDGE 1.34 running on Linux 2.4 last night (I know it is not the latest) and tried MAP13 as a test. I saw the following strangeness and wonder if this is something that needs to be fixed. I usually use prboom and DoomLegacy for testing, but they both could be enhanced in these areas.

Do any other ports have these problems with MAP13 ??

1. MAP13 conveyor belts do not move using EDGE. Neither the 2 speed crusher feed, nor the 4 speed conveyors, move when activated.

2. MAP13 small telephone comm. room (with the map item) has the brown tech machines.
A Brown short texture is used as the machine ends, and does not reach the floor.
Apparently EDGE is not tiling these vertically.

This is also visible in MAP09, the upper mine power room with the two tech wall machines, one has the texture moved up (for appearance) and using EDGE the bottom is missing.

3. The deep water green slime seems to work except at the missing bridge crossing (in the building, two elongated supports in the fluid that you run over). I see the green slime even with the top of the supports using EDGE.

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Not all the BOOM floor scrolling stuff works in EDGE. All those things (accelerative scrollers etc) must have been fun for the person who made them in BOOM but it was certainly no fun to emulate those features in a source port which had diverged very significantly from the original DOOM code. There was always something more important to do....

Vertical texture tiling in EDGE matches the original DOOM, where textures need to be a power of two to tile properly. It was BOOM that introduced the non-power-of-two vertical texture tiling feature. At the time I considered it more important to stay compatible with the original DOOM engine (and I'm not a big fan of having truckloads of user options, though in hindsight I guess a console variable would have been a good way to go).

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