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Full sky

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I've seen a full sky on legacy of suffering. Its the moon all the way around with a space top and a moon surface on the bottom. The parts of this sky are divided into 6 parts each being 1024 x 1024. In the mapinfo the sky1 is called 'DarkLOS01 0.0' but I can't find a definition of that which defines the PNGs it chooses.

How do I set up my own sky to be like this? You can find legacy of suffering (great wad) here: http://www.brdoom.com/mtm/los/

I don't want to rip off this wad or its creators work, I want to learn how to do this advanced feature for myself in my own wad with my own files. Thanks in advance!

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It's not a shame to dissect great wads and see how they do it, and then do it from scratch yourself. That's not ripping. It's called learning from example.

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