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[Solved] Issue with XWE + DECORATE lump

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Yes, I'm finally getting the chance to get back to my Heretic TC. :P So I need to modify the DECORATE lump that already exists in twolords.wad. Logic dictates that it should show up in the Lumps list of XWE. However, it's not there... despite the fact that it does indeed exist inside the pwad (easily verified by actually playing it and seeing all the custom monsters and items). Sooooo... I attempted to import it, and then saved the pwad. When I reloaded it, it still wasn't there, and the changes were NOT saved (and I could tell because my original entity #6113 was duped... two items accidentally have that number, but only the first shows up in the list in Doom Builder, and only the second shows up in-game). And I don't see any options anywhere in Doom Builder to edit lumps. So... what gives?

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Perhaps it is there, but you were looking in the wrong places.

Decorate doesn't show up under the Lumps tab, atleast for me, so you might have to look under All.

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