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New map (Needs feedback!)

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I know I've been posting a lot of maps lately, but today I have made a even better level that I think is pretty good. With this one, I've used my old wall and cieling style details and I'm having a go at lighting in rooms. My old maps were usually one solid lighting apart from some TLITEs on the ceiling or the odd terminal.

I have used the CC4 texture pack as well because there's a lot inside it I wanted to use...

The music is one that I found inside Jenesis2.wad, it goes pretty well and credit to the author because it's awesome.

This map is only playable on a limit-removing port (Skulltag/GZDoom).

And I really want feedback to see how I'm doing...


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I liked it, and I think the monster count and variety would work well if this was an early map (MAP01-MAP04-ish) in a megawad.

My only complaint is about how square a lot of the architecture is, but you managed to make the level interesting in spite of that, so it's not really a complaint at all.

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