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TWO Transfer Heights in an sector?

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Now, I made a map with room-over-room-structure.
Ahh, and I use Doom in Hexen format (DoomBuilder 2).

Now the problem:

I would build a tunnel. So, I take a deeper chamber, and some "bridge things" over this - no problem. Now a extra sector with transfer heights - no problem, too. But: The tunnel's ceiling flats (transfered heights) is goin' to normal zero-ground (we say...in the reality no rocks between zero-ground and tunnel). A example with numbers:

Normal ground:
floor: 0 ceiling: 128

tunnel with transfer heights shows:
floor: -128 ceiling: 0

tunnel SHOULD shows floor/ceiling flats (more reality):
floor: -128 ceiling: -64

Two extra sectors (one tag) with different transfer heights produce only texture/flat (graphic) dumb.
How I can create a fake land/rocks between tunnel and normal ground?

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I don't think this is possible with transfer heights. You can set it so the fake floor is above the real floor and the fake ceiling is below the real ceiling (thus producing 3 vertical sections), but one of the sections will produce HOM when you're viewing it from outside (I forget which). So yeah, either rise the floor of the tunnel so it's 64 below the fake floor, or use some other method of room-over-room.

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