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JSSIM.wad (Just Some Sh*t I'm Making) - Let me know if you have a better name.

I'm a little late I know, the game was released quite a while ago.

Regardless, I'm making a new wad that should be about 10+ levels. The style should resemble classic doom, not an original concept I know, but this is really my first wad so I figured I would stick with what I know. It will progress from a military-industrial style setting through other various themes such as an underground tunnel/canal system, a nukage plant, various large structures and military checkpoints until finally descending down into a top secret underground science facility (As opposed to hell).

The final level will bring the player down from the ceiling of a large high tech chamber with various interconnected rooms around it. When he steps off the elevator, other various lifts will begin to rise from the depths of hell release wave after wave and a few bosses.

In order not to spend months on one map, I'm not going for realism or extreme detail. More so I'm trying to concentrate on gameplay, building enemies into the maps, etc. Here are some screenshots for everyone to criticize though. These screenshots are of MAP01, which in essence will be my first completed map. The are several other maps with layouts done and a few other bits and pieces, but there is no texturing really so I can't put any screenshots of them yet, I will in time.

There are no enemies on the map when the screenshots were taken, but you can see some places where they will be. I might change the default sky, which will be consistent throughout the wad, as well as the bronze texture on a lot of the buildings, though I don't think it looks too awfully bad as is. I'm considering leaving the default sky, let me know if you think it looks alright.

I'll take care of the obvious texture misalignments in these shots at the end, Doom Builder 2 seems to realign nearby textures on a whim. If CodeImp reads this (doubtful) I would much rather prefer them or have an option to stay @ 0,0 if I haven't messed with them yet, instead of trying to align itself. I often map out the geometry to coincide with textures, and when I don't it still doesn't get it right over half the time. I do appreciate the great program though and sorry for b*tching about it.

This room is near the player start, its more important and dangerous than it looks.

The first outdoor area, should be the first place the player encounters new snipers.

This is directly behind the above shot.

I don't like the stargwtf texture on the raised walkway, going to change it.

Going to change the texture of that door on the ceiling.

Another small sniper alley. There are hazardous materials beyond that big door and it hurts the player, that is why it is so green through the window.

3D Floors in a large room. I need to add more light transition.

A lava canal, you can jump out of it, over it or walk on the edge, its not that dangerous really.

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A great place for plasma spiders, though they won't be in the first map.

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Very creative name!

Also, nicne screenshots. However, I haven't seen any ZDoom WADs since I finished Stronghold 3 months ago, so... wait the other replies.

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