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Retexturing WIP

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I'm going to be forward here-I played Doom tons when younger but never tried to do anything of my own with it. Now, a good while later I frequently retexture games for the hell of it, even doing total conversions. I want to jump back in nostalgia, but I'm way over my head as to what to do. Pretty much everything confuses me, from what programs to you, just pretty much everything is bleh in my mind now as to how this works. I really don't care if what I make even makes it into a mod, I'm just doing it because I love make things my own.

I'm going to start simple. How do I get all the sprite sheets out of the machine to start editing them, I'll worry about saving them later, I just want to crack open the game and see how to mod.

I managed to get download imp sprite sheet, and here is what I did with it, blown up so you don't have to squint.

ps yes I know that doom's color palette won't support all of those colors.

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All of Doom's sprites are stored as 'lumps' in a special format inside the DOOM(2).WAD file, which you'll find in the game's installation directory.

You can use a lump editing program to extract the sprites and convert them to .bmp or .png images. I recommend SLADE 3 for this, though there are alternatives, such as XWE, or Deutex, depending on your preferences.

I think both XWE and SLADE 3 have basic color remapping abilities built-in as well, which I find useful, but if you don't care about sticking to the Doom palette, you'll probably get more freedom by just extracting the graphics and recoloring them with your favorite image editing program.

I assume you can figure out how to extract the graphics in SLADE by yourself, as it's pretty simple, but if not, then say so.

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