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Dread No Evil

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Here's a small map that I made in a couple days. I'm hoping that this will be a series at some point so I can complete the story. Ports that should work are ZDoom, GZDoom and Skulltag. It's not the longest map ever, but I think there is some challenge to be had. Feedback is appreciated. :)

Story So Far
You take control of a marine named Zillon who has been sent to investigate a UAC base that was recently attacked. Intel states that a shipment arrived 2 days ago and that's when things went wrong. Upon arrival, you hear the voice of your girlfriend, Kaelin. Your commander orders you to search for the shipping crate and destroy it, but you want to search for Kaelin.



Credits to Jimmy91 for the music track "Wasteland". Enjoy!

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Ok. Have had a playthrough, and I liked it. The red crate was a nice touch. Uses new stuff (custom items and monsters) without them seeming out of place, and the map looks good without seeming to be supported by all these newfangled tricks.

The hellish sky looked good to me, but I can see what Memfis is saying too, the level might look better with something else too.

Nice stuff. :)

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Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback. I'll see if I can find a different sky that I like. Originally, I was thinking about having a starry sky, but decided to go with the one it has now.

I decided not to use too many custom things. I only have 2 new monsters in there right now, but I do have an idea for one more. I thought I'd use some of the stuff I made in the past for this map as an introduction sort of thing.

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Slight bump. I've uploaded a new version of the map to the first post. It now has some dialogue/story elements and bugs and whatnot have been ironed out (hopefully). No ambient sounds yet, but I will look into that while I'm making the next map.

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