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Doom 3 Pinky Demon mod-Has anyone done this before?

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Short and simple, has anyone ever tried making a Doom 3 mod where the pinky used the same model, but stood on its two back legs instead of all four? I would think it'd achieve the same effect as in classic Doom, but it would look fresh/new at the same time.

If this mod's been made, where can I find it?

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Never been done afaik. It would look top heavy and odd anyway if it walked on it's hind legs. Kind of like a bull or a rhino doing the same. I believe id made it walk on four legs for anatomically plausible reasons, whereas the original monster had a completely different structure.

For reference.

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D3 Pinky definitely is top heavy. Its legs won't support it. At least the Classic Pinky looks more 'realistic' even though its still top heavy.

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