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How do I make brightmap sprites?

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I want to take some sprites from realm667 that are in my wad and make them have bright eyes and parts. You know like in Legacy of suffering. I also want to do the same with textures.

I don't want to rip off Legacy of sufferings work, I want to make my own original.


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Thanks gez it helped.

While still on topic, the torches are neat in LOS with it having realistic instead of sprites. What I want to do is take realm667s other torches (purple/yellow etc) and make them the same. I have looked into LOS.pk3 and found this:

FlickerLight2 RedTorchA
Size 60
SecondarySize 75
Interval 2.0
Color 1.0 0.2 0.0
Offset 0 52 0

Object Keksdose_Redtorch
Frame TRCHA { Light RedTorchA }
Frame TRCHB { Light RedTorchA }
Frame TRCHC { Light RedTorchA }
Frame TRCHD { Light RedTorchA }

I see that the frames are linked to the torch stand (obviously) but
my question is how does this define the torch flame to appear realistic?

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These "realistic flames" torches are created by having the torch actor constantly spawning "flame particles" actors. You should look at their DECORATE code to see how it's done.

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