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A Voyage into id

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LOL @ shareware awards...

LOL doesn't your office have a shotgun in plain view of the public in the lobby?

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Heh TBQH, these models would simply make me laugh if I saw them in full resolution in-game. They look like 80s action figures.

The downscaling into sprites and colorization process gave them a "grittiness" and a "dirty" appearance that also made them so convincing.

So that closes the "High res models/sprites" argument for me.

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The spiderdemon's mechanical base looks very similar to some of Doom's wall textures.

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boris said:

Clearly doesn't wear pants!

Neither does the Archvile. Take it this way - it's warm enough in hell.

hobomaster22 said:

I never realized the mancubus has six tits.

They are there, although almost lost in the downsizing to the few pixels that the in-game mancubus is big.

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The little hydraulic-doohickeys on the spider mastermind's legs appear to be taped together. One of them is broken, too!

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