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A massively multiplayer online WAD?

Is it a good idea?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Is it a good idea?

    • Yes!
    • No!

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Previously I played Doom in multiplayer mode; especially ZDaemon, but sometimes Skulltag multiplayer option as well. During the play and looking for the good servers, I've found some amazing WADs, and finally, I've felt a great atmosphere in the multiplayer.

After that I have an interesting imagination. What is there's a gigantic metropolis, which is planned by the best Doom mappers? Also, this place contains houses, entertanment facilities and of course, a lot of "virtual arena" where Doom players plays with themselves.

And now I think it may be a good idea for a great project: an MMO under the Doom engine!

It looks like a usual city map, where all the players are (similar to the intermission map in Stronghold Doom) and they can go into discos, pubs, hotels, etc. but also contains "gates" that sends players to a server - and all the servers have a custom gate. Is it possible? Of course it depends on the source port.

Overall, what's your opinion about this idea? I wouldn't like to do it (I've finished Doom mapping), I just ask you.

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There are no massively multiplayer ports; so a massively multiplayer map is pointless.
IIRC the highest you can go is 255 players in Odamex, 50 in ZDaemon and 32 in Skulltag, with other, less multiplayer-centric ports having limits even lower.

I think that below a thousand players at once, you can't straight-facedly call your game "massively multiplayer".

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It's an interesting idea, but it really only adds a complicated graphical middleman to what I think should be an intuitive, streamlined process.

Now, a persistent PWAD - a PPWAD, if you will - is a curious idea.

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