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Has anyone done anything with the DoomEd Source Code?

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I was wondering, I just noticed on twitter than romero released a "raw dump of the Doom/Doom II" directories and it included the DoomEd source code,

now I'm the least knowledgable person here when it comes to anything technical but does this mean someone can port or compile it and we'd finally get a chance to see what it was like?

I don't know where the link is though, I assume it's on rome.ro

EDIT: Here's his twitter, i'm not sure if he's 'released' it, but I can't find what he's referring to when he tweeted about his "raw dump"


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Now that's kinda cool.

As for a link, I don't see any.

I suppose you could try printing this and putting the sheet in your optical disc drive, but somehow I think it might not work.

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That's awesome, unfortunately I don't have the know-how to use it, but this is a real piece of history.

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Wow, that's amazing. I've looked all over his site and can't find anything about it, though..

edit: Okay, I see. The zip he mentioned having released was the Bobby Prince unused midis. He hasn't released the full Doom development directory. I've just tweeted him asking if there's any chance of DoomEd or other stuff getting released.

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