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General Rainbow Bacon

Voodoo Dolls?

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DoomHero85 said:

How do you use voodoo dolls? I haven't tried yet, but I don't know what you do to make them in boom, and I'd like to start using them.

I think a voodoo doll is just a separate player 1 start

EDIT: Ok, the last player placed is you

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Make another player 1 start, or several. That's your voodoo doll(s). The last one you place will be used as the actual player start. The others can't be controlled by the player, but can be used to trigger walkover linedefs, or give damage/items/health to the player.

In Boom maps, you can put one of them on a scrolling floor sector (using one of the scroll linedefs) to create scripted actions, usually by putting a door or some other blocking sector in front of them, then opening the door to allow the voodoo doll to pass through it and be then pushed across the linedef actions behind it.

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The dolls aren't subject to sector effects though, so they won't trigger secrets or get damaged in slime. I wish they did...

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You can simulate damage by slime by placing a crusher above the voodoo doll that just scrapes the head of the doll (place a sector next to it that determines the lower limit of the crusher)

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