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Naked Snake

Map stuff

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Here are soom cool ideas from this DooM editor book/cd set, I can't legally type it word for word so I'll just give you all the gist of it

Cooperative Exits
To make a cooperative exit to stop players from exiting a map (this can be done without this now, but this book is old) make the door to the exit be activated by a switch so far away that you could not run to the door in time.

Tag Team
Make parts of your map only accessable when two players help out, this would be helpful for team games. Do this by making a switch that opens a door far away from the switch. To liven things up, if the room behind the door is a long, narrow hallway, make the door only open from one side, so he becomes trapped, have a switch outside the door that activates a crushing ceiling.

Warning Flash
By setting up line specials 17 and 35 you can create triggers that active when a player enters a room and deactivate when they leave. These triggers can be linked to other sectors that will flash to tell players where another player is.

I think these would help make some kick ass DM maps. Here is a few more tips and stuff

Keep it simple. A good DM level should be about 80-120 sectors. With larger maps it is often harder to find your opponent.

Avoid extraneous objects. The larger the # of stuff in a map the more information has to travel through the connection. This can slow down the gameplay.

Use lots of barrels (BBG interjection:this seems like a stupid idea to me at least but here goes) Sounds of explosions can be used as clues to where fighting is going on. You can use barrels to block off a powerful weapon so that the player has to shoot them to get to it, which can clue you in on their location.

Have few or no monsters (BBG interjection:I am not gonna bother with this one, the title speaks for itself)

Consider the weapon stock carefully Make common weapons like Shotguns and Chainguns easy to nab while making Rocket Launchers, Plasma Rifles and BFG 9000s hard to get but easy to guard. Make sure there is enough ammo lying around as well, but make the powerful weapons ammo harder to get as well.

Don't forget lighting and texture use Making your map have different themes makes the map fun. Making dark corners to hide in, but don't use urban textures for an indoor map. Bright lit open areas with a good weapon in the center can make an enemy an easy target if he were to go for it, make the room easy to get to.

Avoid JACKPOT situations A player should not be able to find good guns, ammo, armor and health all together, this can cause camping.

Another tip is to create thin walkways over lava or slime pits, but with a prize at the end.

Don't bitch at me about these tips, I just got them from this book. They seem to be good ideas if used right, some of them I don't really agree with or care for but hey, somebody might like 'em.

BTW...did you know the DooM engine name is "They're green and pissed"? Weird huh?

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i've thought about making a good co-op map and some of the first few ideas have come to me. I might also make an elevator switch with an impassable linedef between it and the elevator. (i actually did this, but my map was erased. )

;[]-l-< <---------(this guy's pissed)

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;[]-l-< <---------(this guy's pissed)

It looks like he's eating a fish to me.


><,>-~ ...the real dopefish... ~-<><




Is there an Emoticon that completely and unmistakably symbolizes the desire to gouge out someone's eyes and skullfuck them to death?

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I'd say this was maid for the old DM. doom deathmatch originally forced you to have monsters and weapon stay. and you could only pick up ammo, health, armor, ect once. so the barrels kinda make sense.

hmmm... how about for future source ports, a respawing barrels option?

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