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[Solved] ZDBSP 1.8 crash and burn

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So I'm happily plugging along on my E1M2, making a nifty-looking 3D train track running down a multi-angled icy cave tunnel. I had just placed a new group of linedefs that will make up the outer portion of the tracks, and went to Save. Backup, rebuild wad resources, all good... building nodes: uh oh, zdbsp crash and burn. So I look to see why... and I can't figure out why. I assume that it's because my map is now too complex, but I've seen maps way more complex for gzdoom than this one, so that can't be it. So I messed with the commandline options a bit... tried replacing -R with -r, but that didn't fix anything. So, I tried adding -z. Same effect. So, the last thing to add was -X. OK, zdbsp doesn't crash, but now it also doesn't actually build the nodes. So alright I thought, maybe -X and -z conflict. So, I removed -z from the commandline. Same effect... doesn't crash, but also doesn't build the nodes. Since I'm using DB1, I can't see the output from the nodebuilder (unless someone knows if it's possible to enable this). I'll have to try from the command prompt to see if that helps, but I'm not confident it will give me any answers. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can show the map if need be.

EDIT: OK so I tried it from the command prompt, using no actual switches (not even -R). It seemed to work. Although this is not the most elegant solution, it looks like it will have to do for now.

This one worked before the crash.

After the crash. All the new tiny linedefs... and still many more to go. This had to be done from the command prompt.

EDIT2: I figured out the problem. Apparently, zdbsp requires real memory to process the node list. Firefox was hogging it all. After I killed Firefox, everything was back to normal. Oh well... problem solved.

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How are you doing the floating iron bars? (i see a shadow below it in the first pic)

Are they just well-placed short middle-textures, or is there a trick?

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Those are 3D floors, just very small ones. I have one control sector for each brightness variant of the tunnel to keep things properly balanced.

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