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Vanilla texture problems

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What the hell does this mean?

"R_GenerateLookup: texture 401 is >64k"

If it helps, I recently copied Doom 0.4's texture definitions into the texture wad.

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Wiki to the rescue.

R_GenerateLookup: texture %i is >64K

This error is a bizarre legacy from Doom's early development when it was still being compiled as a real mode DOS program, where single memory segments are limited to 64 kilobytes in size. This error will occur if the total size of patches in any texture is greater than or equal to 64 kilobytes.

You can either remove the check from the source code entirely because it's a stupid now, or suck it down and delete the 402nd texture of your pack to comply with chocovanilla's DOS limits.

The code in question is in this block:

	if (patchcount[x] > 1)
	    // Use the cached block.
	    collump[x] = -1;	
	    colofs[x] = texturecompositesize[texnum];
	    if (texturecompositesize[texnum] > 0x10000-texture->height)
		I_Error ("R_GenerateLookup: texture %i is >64k",
	    texturecompositesize[texnum] += texture->height;

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Sodaholic said:

The fucking point of posting this is so that I can fix whatever is wrong with my TC, not to be mocked for getting ripped off.

I'm going to remove that part of my post, as it has already proven to be distracting.

Now what do I fucking do to fix this?

OK, time for you to take a time-out. Too many inflammatory posts, and ones that make the forums worse than they would be without them.

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This is the first time I looked at the textures and flats of doom 0.4 and there are a lot of good quality textures and flats in there that are not in the official games.

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Breaking my non-posting really quick just to ask a question here.

How would I find the 402nd texture in Slade 3 without having to count each and every single one?

I assume that the only thing that could possibly be taking up so much space is the patch definitions in the texture itself, so what's the max number of patches a texture can have before going over the limit?

The strange thing is, I'm not making new textures, only importing ones from the alpha, so I wonder how this one texture never crashed Doom 0.4...

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Does help when we're looking at the same texture lump, it's TEX00014. Other likely troublemakers I spotted are TEX00077, TEX00089, TEX00100, TEX00101 and TEX00102.

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You're welcome, now get back to lurking before Grazza notices the activity in this thread. ;-)

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