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Midnight Fight- A Random Doom 2 map

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Recently I wanted to make a multi-level wad inspired by Alien Vendetta. I decided to quit working on it but I finished the first level so I thought I'd upload it here. Its made for Map 01 so it is short and easy. Tested in skulltag and prboom+.


Pic of starting area:

Tell me what you think!

Thanks to the author of stars2.wad for the sky.

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I just had a play of this map, and it is actually quite a good map. Good use of space and textures, really nice environment to play in.

I thought the two hell knights and the revenant right at the end were unnecessary, the entire map is early level monsters, and I think it would have been better to finish that way, rather than introduce heavies right at the end.

But otherwise a good, enjoyable map.

Also, check your PM's :)

The only bug I found was that it is possible to bypass linedefs 17 and 18 and not raise the hell knights at the far side of that walkway.

[edit] and the fact that you can pick up the blue key without triggering the monster closet associated with it.

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Nice map, I recorded a first attempt demo on it if you're interested in seeing someone play through it blindly. Link

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I liked it, and I also liked the HKs + revenant at the end. I don't see the point in sticking to small monsters specifically. Could have used a harder difficulty, I found UV way too easy, while Nightmare was slightly too hard due to the lack of armor and backtracking. Hmm, scratch that, I should just play on UV -fast. Good map.

Edit: right, on -fast it's perfect. Had a frantic end fight against the two hellknights, starting at 3 hit points, ending up falling back down into the slime to dodge their projectiles. Great stuff.

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I have uploaded your map to my webspace for a faster download link, and I recorded a demo of me finishing this map as well. I used prboom v2.5.0 with complevel 2 and finished it very easily. This map reminds me more of the Master Levels maps like Vesperas and Minos with the dark starry sky.

Good job.

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Is it possible to get 100% kills on UV? Immediately after the blue door on the right there are some monsters that I can't figure out how to reach.

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