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Boom format - can you change light level on a sector with effect 8 (light glows) ?

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I have these sectors "light glows" with a brightness of 32, the sectors around them also have a brightness of 32 so they don't glow at all - and want them to start glowing later, so put a linedef action 13 "W1 change light to 255" further in the map. However, it doesn't seem to do anything.

What am I doing wrong?

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When you change the light level of a glowing sector, it'll jump up to that level but then fade smoothly back down to the lowest surrounding sector level and continue glowing exactly in the same way it did before you messed with it. So, you can't do what you're thinking of, but with a voodoo doll triggering a couple of lines in a loop, you could do a sequenced lighting effect, making different sectors' lights glow in whatever order and arrangement you like. A Hexen or Doom64-style effect where the lights appear to rotate in a circle around the room as they brighten and darken in sequence, or something similar to it, might be workable?

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Alright. The light glow itself wasn't critical to what I had in mind, so I went with something else, but it's good to know what was happening exactly. Thanks!

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