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co-op nightmare?

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A friend and I have recently complete doom 1 on nightmare difficulty playing co-op. It's vanilla doom on two old win98 pcs. We've done all 3 episodes now... is this a rare achievement?

The first two episodes are posted on youtube, here is a link to them. I'll post 3 shortly.


I was looking for like-minded doom fans who could offer an opinion. This seemed like the place to look. Thank you!

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Cooperative on Nightmare is the bomb, especially with Doom 1. My best experiences with Doom were playing Episode 1 on Nightmare with some buddies.

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Ah reminds me the good old days when I thought doom95 was awesome...

I have to get my little brother to play this with me. We've played some deathmatch, and coop'd through quake 1, but not doom1 NM.

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Ive tried to complete episode 1 on nightmare with a friend of my, but it was not working.
It's great that you can spawn again when you died but when the health and shields are used it's almost impossible to complete the level.

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