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Tolwyn & Klem At it Again (with Friends)

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A while ago (too long) I mentioned that Klem and I were working on more stuff.

Well, we are and have the first song complete. In addition to going through some simple songs just to cut our teeth again, we've enlisted the help of JD "Herrera" from Italy, and Vincent Hall (drums).

Delays when working around the country (and the globe) are inevitable.

Tell Me

Mark: Song
Tolwyn: Accoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Vincent: Drums
JD "Herrera": Electric Guitars

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I think it's cool to think that same voice did some awesome Doom tracks and levels and such. Sorry to throw those associations in, but it seems inevitable on these boards.

Good to hear your guys are working together again.

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This is not the official version of this song. It's currently in the hands of our drummer and guitarist, but I couldn't help but post the Tolwyn-ized synth version.

The guitar part is done by my college best friend, Mike Ruscio (we've done music since 1990... holy shit I'm old).

Anyway, here's the B-side "Bonus" track early...

Adventure—Synth Mix

Mark Klem: Song
Tolwyn: keyboards, drum programming, vocals, Pizza, beer
Mike Ruscio: Guitar, Pizza, beer.

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