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Does disabling autoaim not work on the vertical plane?

I did some quick testing and even if I aim at the ground with mlook I will still hit enemies on higher ledges with hitscan weapons.

What is "autoaim = OFF" actually meant to do?

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I think that hitscan attacks are still always autoaimed, while projectiles act as expected.

I assume this is because in basic Doom, hitscans are "hardcoded" to autoaim. Notice how even monsters accidentally hit the monster closer to them, even if you're farther but on a hill; they have parasitic autoaim. Imps for example have no difficulty aiming in your direction. Quasar probably didn't implement a clause to remove hitscan autoaim from the player.

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This actually happens because the "autoaim" feature created in SMMU was inherited from MBF's pre-beta emulation, and in the pre-beta version of DOOM, hitscans autoaimed but projectiles did not and therefore there has been no accounting for it.

I kept meaning to fix this and it keeps slipping under my radar and off the TODO list by mistake. I'll check into it later since you brought it up.

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