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Nitro's Chex Quest

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I have made my second Doom WAD, but this one is for Chex Quest. It contains 5 new levels.

It's best if you use DOSBox and the actual Chex Quest to play this game. You can get Chex Quest here:

Download Nitro's Chex Quest:

Download Nitro's Chex Quest v1.0.7:

Here's a video with gameplay of the first level:

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Hi there, it's nice to see I'm not the only one here who makes Chex mods.

I didn't play your wad yet, but from the intro video, you have a lot of flat, boxy rooms, which is very typical for Chex Quest (especially Chex Quest 1), but the Doom engine can do better. It's not a bad effort, though.

If you want to make a really good mod (Doom, or Chex Quest), you should add more height variation to your maps (and NOT just in the ceilings).

What I recommend for mapping in any IWAD is to make an untextured/blandly textured layout that's fun to fight in (i.e., a map that encourages players to be agile, and strategic). Don't worry if you make really strange shapes, you can make sense of them later with textures.

Your most important job as a mapper is to give your players a terrain that they can use to their advantage, and the Doom engine is the best engine to do that in.

Good luck

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