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Lucked Out (:- Work in progress looking for Developers -:)

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This would be my second try at recruitment but here goes!

Lucked Out is a new going to be a Survival Last Man Standing Invasion, and if you haven't guessed by now, yes it's made primarily to be a multiplayer experience. Luckily the ACS coding works in singleplayer for those who wish to actually test their skills! However currently I just finished 8 maps and I don't simply have the time to construct this all by myself so I'm extending a welcome to any developers who would like to hop on. I'm looking for mappers, musicians, even GFX or texture artists.

Instructions for mappers:

1) Make a map in a way to where theres no sector that a monster can't get to or a area where the player can't get hit.

2) Always place health on health pads, and ammo on ammo pads, and put weapons on elevated pedestals so players can distinguish them in the game.

3) Don't use Doom2 stock textures, Lucked Out has it's own set of textures, however I wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to add their own, I only have tech textures and very few outdoor textures as well.

4) The weapons have changed (keep this in mind as you map and where you put your guns):
- Pistol is now a Rifle (shoots like the chaingun)
- Fist is now a infinite ammo pistol (just in case players run out of all their ammo)
- Chaingun is now a 'Minigun' (shoots much faster, and depletes ammo quicker)
- BFG9000 is now a railgun (I deemed it overpowered for survival, and changed it)

5) I do expect healthy detailed maps, but I'm also not expecting Tormentor667 quality. Screenshots below for what to expect.

6) Your map must atleast be ZDaemon compatible, currently undergoing certain issues with Skulltag, but I'll have it fixed in due time.

7) Even if you're not a good ACS scripter, theres a already loaded script in the Alpha's zip file, all you need to do is copy and paste and perform certain changes but theres a small tutorial on that in this pastebin with quick instructions on what you can do with the script.


Map01 -Completed-
Map02 -Completed-
Map03 -Completed-
Map04 -Completed-
Map05 -Completed-
Map06 -Completed-
Map07 -Completed-
Map08 -Completed-

Download the Alpha here.

These maps are still in Alpha and will probably change over time (Map 08 is getting a definite change from a few bugs it has, and size issue).

Note to mappers: If you have a theme you wish to use, it's best to look through the wad to make sure it hasn't been taken! Like I've already created a Plutonia map11 style map (or the archvile map).

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