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weird thing in skulltag

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I have skulltag on computer, have had it there for a while.

But now its doing this weird thing. You know when you click into a server you wish to play, and you dont have the WAD that server needs, a message comes up saying "do you want doomseeker to find____"
you hit yes, and you wait for it to download from one of the sites.

well it does that, and the download is successful, but then it loops back to the "do you want etc" message, then "Yes" then it goes through the process again.

How can I... fix that?

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Platinum Shell said:

What version are you using?

I had the same problem once, so I un-installed ST then re-downloaded it at a higher version, causing it to work.

alright, ill probably have to try that, I haven't checked for updates. thanks.

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