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ZMAPINFO problem

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With MAPINFO it all worked fine but I want to use the fogdensity which can only be used with ZMAPINFO so I changed my lump name to ZMAPINFO and added what I wanted to add but when I go to test it I get this error:

"Script error, "test.wad:ZMAPINFO" line 25:
Unknown property 'exittext' found in map definition"

"Script error, "test.wad:ZMAPINFO" line 25:
Unterminated string constant"

It worked fine when I was using the MAPINFO lump but then this happened, what does this mean, how do I fix it? To me, it looks like it doesn't reconize "exittext" but I may be wrong. This is how I have my ZMAPINFO set up:

Map map01 "test"
Music = D_RUNNIN
cluster = 2
exittext = "stuff"
music = D_DM2TTL
flat = TILE02F6

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