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How to turn a sector into multiple sectors?

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Not exactly sure how to phrase it. I'm a pretty newbish mapper, and I was dickin' around with gradients and other lighting stuff (I like good lighting, really hits the atmosphere well), and one of the most pain in the ass parts of making good, gradient lighting is making the dozens and dozens of sectors to gradient the lighting.

Basically, I'm looking for a way (like a plugin, or a function in Doombuilder 2 I missed) to make it easier to turn one sector into multiple sectors for stairs and gradient lighting and such.

So I would want to be able to turn this:


Into this:


In a few simple clicks or something. Copy / pasting each sector or drawing the lines for each sector is just such a time consumer.

Anyone got anything?

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The Ins button lets you start lines inside sectors.

To easily make ~50 lines without actually drawing 50 times: make 50 parallel sectors by copy/pasting narrow sectors (duplicating 6 times gives you 2^6=64), then draw slanted lines on top of them and trim the excess sectors away.

You might want to do this in the void if the excess would interfere with other geometry, and then place the finished thing inside the sector.

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Genius! And the best part is that it won't throw the sector numbering out of whack so when I try to gradient the brightness (instead of manually editing the numbers for each sector), it won't have bright / dark / bright / dark / bright / dark sectors (I hate it when that happens).

Thank you very much, Zom-B! This will save me a lot of time :)

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Just click-select every sector manually in the right order, if the numbering isn't right.

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If you're talking about the one on the Doombuilder plugins page, I tried it and it was really difficult to use and not too reliable.

Otherwise, I'd love to check out Boris' Staircase Builder.

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CodeImp said:

Boris' stair-case making plugin could do this as well right? Boris?

Yes, at least it can create the sectors easily. I made a short video how to do it:

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