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Doom 2 MAP27 100% secrets achieved.

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I looked up and couldn't find anything regarding this, so I am here posting it.

If you wallrun + rocket bump into the corridor's wall, you can surpass the teleport linedef, triggering the teleport secret. That way, you can get 100% secrets in this level. I know that this time is very slow, I just recorded it to show out the trick.

Hope it's new. If it is not, please, disregard and delete this post.


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I didn't see one, and a Max/Fast/NM100 demo with 100% secrets would be very welcome! I know you like insane challenges :) Another killer would MM MAP15 with 90% or 100% secrets. Information about how to do it is included in Kristian Ronge's wonderful text file from his UV Speed Run

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