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Tally screen without "Now Entering" screen? And sound question too... (Heretic TC)

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I've looked through the MAPINFO spec but this doesn't seem to be anywhere in there, so I'm assuming it can't be done... but I'm asking anyway. In my Heretic TC, I want to have the tally screen but not the "now entering" screen... obviously the tally screen is needed, but since I have cutscenes between every level (yes, I made sure that they're easily skippable), the "now entering" screen is not only unneeded but makes the transition look silly. I can't use "nointermission" in the Map definition for regular levels or I lose the tally screen.

Also, one nice touch I'd like to have in-game is the ability to affect the volume of the music... primarily for fade-outs. I haven't seen anything in the ACS documentation about this, so does anyone know if this can be done? And if not, where do I forward the suggestion to?

Oh, and a couple of minor questions too... in MAPINFO/GameInfo, it states I can set intermissioncounter = TRUE to get the DOOM-style countup on the tally screen. This works (though it's not the behavior of the original Two Lords tally screen, which is based on the Heretic tally screen... but more about that momentarily). However, this also gives me the "time total" rather than the "Par". I was hoping that by setting this to DOOM-style, I'd get the Par time display back. Every level has a Par time, and I'd like to be able to display that instead of the time total, since cutscenes also consume time. So... ditch the total counter in favor of the Par time, or disable timing on maps... are either of these options possible? As it stands, the opening cutscene (again, completely skippable) takes about three minutes to outlay the opening story. That adds a pretty hefty chunk of "time change" to the counter.

Thanks everyone. I'd be lost without this place. :)

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