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When you play skulltag on co-op(which I'm sure most of you do) you usually will less often see smaller- fast paced maps like that of DOOM and DOOMII's, but rather extremely large, complex maps.

these are maps that can take 14minutes to an hour to complete (depending on if you know what you're doing and where you're going)
and are genrally easy to get lost in or left behind, IE if you don't have any keys or everyone is ahead of you once you join, leaving you unsure of where to go.

As in comparison to some mods just keeping it simple with the classic feel and just normal, smaller levels that you can pretty much walk through.

I like both to an extent, but I really have to go with the smaller maps. They aren't as time consuming, and unlike some larger WADs, dont get quite as boring to play.

your thoughts?

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I rarely play Doom online, but I'll sometimes play with a friend through one of the IWADs or a vanilla megawad. i generally prefer small to medium sized maps when it comes to Final Doom or any PWAD, but when it comes to UD / D2, I know all the maps well enough that I dont care what size they are.

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I'd have to say playing online, I liked any size map, the larger ones kinda dragged on but did leave opportunity for less fast killing and hiding, planning kills, collecting weapons, more survival. I still had fun playing small maps where there'd be constant mayhem and no one's safe lol everyone constantly dying and scurrying for weapons, running our of ammo, running away, was hilarious made me laugh every time made my heart race too. Most maps I played were player made maps but I did play some original ones but it was rare unless I made the servers.

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ive played a little skull tag not much though, but like i know what you're talkin bout. idk i think the big maps can be a little overwhelming, i usually dont' play co-op online though, just like with my other friend who likes doom, we connect with serial cables nd run the original exe cuz were old skool. But yeah i think if theyre pretty big thats good and creates a good challenge, but those levels on skulltag can get overwhelming nd it can suck if join in the middle.

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