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franckFRAG said:

And try to make a savable map on Chocolate-Doom :/

I wouldn't worry about that one. Usually I like to try and make my maps savable without turning the savegame-buffer off; but if I can't get around it I just live with it because Chocolate Doom does have the option to turn it off. But being one of the very few who still use Doom95 I like to try and work around it; but it's no big deal if you can't salvage that.

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An enjoyable megawad. Here are my findings from version 1.2.2. This does not include updated maps since.


1. Could MAPINFO be renamed ZMAPINFO ? As it stands MAPINFO prevents the intermission texts from being displayed in Risen3D.

2. Quite a number of maps have decorations and pickups rendering in the wall.

3. CWILV30 is wrong. It should not be another dimension but degravitation.

4. To fix the non blocking sprite DoomID 61 just add this to the dehacked patch ...

Thing 109 (One-legged body 2)
Height = 5505024


Map Specific ...

map 1 ...

Seems ok

map 2 ...

lamps at sectors 41, 42 and 43 are missing on easy skill.

map 3 ...

1. Wrong floor and ceiling flat for sector 95, 96 and 97 ?
2. Sector 100 glowing looked a bit odd.
3. Why not flood fill sector 98 ?

map 4 ...

1. For the element of surprise, why not flag line 336 secret and give it a y alignment.
2. The upper and lower of lines 245 and 250 might look better with bfall3.
3. I would change the brightness level of sectors 44, 45 etc. to 144 - note ceiling.
4. I would drag sector 33 so it is directly above one of the "red lights".
5. Line 65 could be flagged secret.

map 5 ...

1. I would remove the flickering from sectors 2 and 3, flag lines 18 and 19 secret and flag sector 2 secret.
2. Having sector 106 glow did not make sense.
3. Line 43, 836 etc. could be flagged secret.

map 6 ...

1. Since this has a texture1 lump, why not fix the problem with sw1/2dirt . Note how the brown part of the texture at line 63.
2. Sector 159 could be a secret.
3. Was it intentional to have 2 exit level switches ?

map 7 ...

1. T32 should also be flagged easy. As it is, there is no reward for finding secret sector 21 if playing on easy skill.
2. I'm guessing a blue torch was intended at sector 132 - not a medikit.

map 8 ...

1. Flag lines around sector 44 - where the monsters are, and sectors 181 and 182 hidden, as they at present show up when getting the computer map.
2. Lines 1400, 886 and 851 could be flagged secret.
3. Having monster block lines at lines 1584, 1585 etc. was a bit daft IMO. The monsters at sector 288 were just too easy to kill.

map 9 ...

1. Lines 820 and 825, 837, 845, 73 could be flagged secret for surprise element.
2. Could not see any clue to say that sector 9 was secret, unless the "water" functioned like an arrow. Maybe place the dead player on sector 51 ?
3. Lines 54 and 794 can have the lower unpegged flag removed, since sector 161 is a lowering floor, not a rising door.

map 10 ...

1. T188 hangs a bit too high in vanilla IMO - blocking sprite.
2. Line 1147 could be flagged secret.
3. Remove sector tag 9 from sector 124 as it is ungettable and unnecessary.

map 11 ...

Line 771 could be flagged secret - element of surprise.

map 12 ...

1. Blood does damage at sectors 69, 70 and 158, but not elsewhere.
2. Lines 777, 98, 212, 135 could be flagged secret.
3. Tex on line 1176 could use a slight x alignment - both sidedefs.
4. Suggest unblocking lines 2475 and 2470 etc etc. - annoying and unnecessary.
5. Suggest flagging lines 2540, 2541 etc.etc. secret - surprise element.
6. Suggest placing monster blocking lines around sector 318 since the monsters can fall to sector 333's floor height with non-vanilla ports.
7. I managed to exit this map without playing at sector 572 and within, and also sector 244 and within.
8. Activation of line 2826 requires a red key, and activation of line requires a blue key, yet either opens door sector 391. Intentional ? This could have a minor rework so that both the red and blue keys are required to pass sector 391.

map 13 ...

1. Mid tex on lines 781, 784 etc. bleed into the ceiling in software ports.
2. I thought having line 1156 monster blocking was unnecessary. Also line 1752. I suggest having lines 1612 and 1752 just block sound.
3. Lines around sector 75 could be flagged secret.

map 14 ...

1. Sector 82 should do damage, before using the switch at line 695..
2. Lines 2500 and 2532, 3747, 3536 could be flagged secret.
3. Lines 2848 and 4071, 2848 as they do not scroll when sector 493 opens.
3. I would continue a crusher line from vertex 3340 to vertex 3322.

map 15 ...

1. Lines 171, 261, 429 and 430 could be flagged secret.
2. Lines 258, 259, 260, 438, 439 and 440 need a Y offset correction.

map 16 ...

Lines 564, 551, 724, 732 could be flagged secret.

map 17 ...

1. The ceiling of sector 126 should probably have used blood1 - see ceiling of sectors 128/129.
2. Lines 912, 725 and 909 should scroll as well.
3. Seems impossible to get to sector 589 to reach secret sector 614 - unless the AV is required for this.
4. Line 1703 looks"screwy" when viewed from sector 415 in Risen3D at least. Just delete line 1704 ( it overlaps line 1703 ), then rework sectors 416 and 437 to fix. Also, ASHWALL2 looks out of place at lines 1699/1550 etc.
5. Lines 1884 and 2211 could be flagged secret.

map 18 ...

1. I thought lines 773 and 2551 didn't require monster blocking.
2. Line 474 could be flagged secret.
3. Lines 1217, 1221 coud be flagged secret for surprise factor.
4. I don't think the exit sign needs to be on line 2565. It insinuates that the exit is south, not north.

map 19 ...

1. Tex on lines 437 and 471 might need an x alignment.
2. Lines 488, 493, 298 could be flagged secret for surprise element.
3. Candelabras - T15 and T16 - didn't make sense where they were - darkening sectors.
4. Non-damaging nukage ?
5. Line 1082 would look better not being lower unpegged, so it can scroll when sector 249 lowers/raises.
6. Line 1003, 1888 could be flagged secret.
7. Sector 237 and 246 would look better, especially for opengl ports, if they had a ceiling height of 56.
8. Tex on line 1878 might need aligning.
9. Where sectors 407 and 408 meet is just too "neat" for my liking.

map 20 ...

1. Sector 277 - nukage - doesn't do damage. Yet sectors 60 and 61 do.
2. T415 should be removed - it is too high and is a blocking sprite in vanilla.
3. IMPORTANT SHOWSTOPPER ! - I was at sector 157, T243 spectre charges me. I have DB shotty so I kill it. In doing so, sector 145 rises to a height of 516 ( I think ), as I shot through line 789. Then I cross line 786 and quickly walk back to sector 157. Door sector 145 fully closes and player now cannot get the red skullkey. Simple fix would be to make line 789 S1 Door Open Stay ( type 103 ).
4. Lines 549 and 562 could be flagged secret.

map 21 ...

1. Lines 576, 568, 151, 165, 1009 could be flagged secret for surprise effect.
2. Line 93, 132, 201, 202 could be flagged secret.
3. Sector 6 looked weird flickering.

map 22 ...

1. Mid Tex on lines 201 and 202 bleeds into the ceiling with software ports. Y align and give sector 67 a brightness level of 143 to fix.
2. Mid tex on lines 25, 26, 27 and 28 bleed into the floor with software ports. Just give sector 158 a brightness level of 143 to fix.
3. Lines 25, 26, 27, 28, 201, 202 and 712 could be flagged secret.

map 23 ...

Seems ok.

map 24 ...

1. Tex on line 1136 does not tile with tex on adjoining lines 72 and 1090.
2. sector 921 is completely useless. Player can walk between the bars. Does this affect progression through the level ?
3. Some lava and blood sectors do damage while others do not.
4. Midbars3 on either side of sector 218 - one side has a y offset of 1 yet the other has a y offset of 0 - strange.
5. For better "realism" make lines 3768, 3717 etc, have a brightness of 144.
6. Suspect wrong ceiling flat for sectors 87 and 91.
7. Lines 6295, 6298, 6308, 6301, 6324, 6327, 1357 could be flagged secret.
8. I think some reward, besides picking up the chainguns from the dead chaingunners, should be obtained from secret sector 690.
9. There is no reward for finding secret sector 890.
10. Remove sector tag 9 from sector 892 as it is too narrow to trigger and get credit for.

map 25 ...

1. Tex on lines 7, 15 etc would look much better with a y offset of 47.
2. Torches at sectors 37, 39 etc are hanging half off the ledge.
3. Ammo boxes hanging of the ledge of sector 158.

map 26 ...

1. Tex on lines 6041 and 6044 bleed into the ceiling ( and floor ) with software ports.
2. Delete mid tex at line 6780. When viewed side on it can be seen.
3. I thought switch lines to lower the cross at sector 95 was a bit much. I wouldn't have known unless using an editor.
4. Lines 6872, 7303, 7549, 7357 could be flagged secret for surprise effect.
5. Notice that sector 1050 has flat5_4 as the ceiling. IMO RROCK04 would look better.
6. IMO sector 395 ( the 5 square ones ) would look better with DEM1_6 for the floor and a brightness level of 160.
7. Line 5050 is a monster teleport line and is tagged but there is no corresponding sector tag, preventing the AV near that line from teleporting.
8. There is no hint that there is a switch at line 2783. Why not use SW1HOT instead.
9. Lines 2958, 6071, 4129, 4132, 4961, 4128, 4958, 4127 could be flagged secret.
10. Lines 1823 and 1821 need to be deleted, as they overlap line 2470 and cause a rendering glitch with Risen3D.

map 27 ...

1. Line 645 could be flagged secret.
2. Lower unpegged can be removed from lines 1380, 1377, 1374 etc. and lines 387, 389, 385, 1724.
3. For added "realism", lines 1714 and 1729 should be at the brightness of 128.

map 28 ...

1. Wrong ceiling flat sector 943 ?
2. Suggest increasing the ceiling height of sector 907 so as to flood fill it.
3. Suggest moving slightly the pickups around sector 1000 and nearby so that they do not render into the floor of the next higher sector.Same for box of rockets at sector 1202.
4. To solve a small glitch with glboom+ and Risen3D , sector 703 ( or 702 ) should be a self referencing sector.
5. Pickups at sector 1099 render into the walls.
6. Suggest increasing the ceiling height for sectors 1510/1511 and flood filling them since ports that support mouslook can see the brighter ceiling.
7. Sector 36 needs a ceiling height of 328 - OR - give sectors 92, 111, 95, 96 and 98 a ceiling height of 384.
8. Lines 7372, 7258 could be flagged secret.
9. Lines 332, 333, 334 and 337 need midbars3 for the back-side mid texture.

MAP 29 ...

1. T29 - torch - is spawned in the lava - sector 6.
2. With sw1lion on line 1602, the player is led to believe that this is a switch.
3. Suggest placing monster blocking lines around sectors 101, 102 and 103 for non-vanilla ports.
4. Were the uppers of lines 786, 792 etc. supposed to have ashwall2 ? IMO it doesn't look good.
5. Give lines 1600 and 3036 an X offset of 0.
6. Move T993, T994, T961 and T962 away from the wall.
7. Might be better to have the textures on lines 1718, 1719 and 1720 as something else, to distinguish the switch texture at line 1717. Similar for line 1705.
8. Lines 1728, 2808 could be flagged secret.
9. choco_doom - the floor of sector 311 appears and disappears. There are also skywall issues. I suggest changing sector 320's floor/ceiling height to 8/512
respectively ( using blocking lines so player/monsters cannot get to sector 320 ) and making another sector joined to sector 320 with a floor/ceiling height of 8/8 respectively.
10. T855 stuck at line 3455.
11. I didn't like the fact that the player is forced to teleport to sector 426 from line 1582. Bear in mind too, that if a monster teleports to sector 192 first and is first to cross line 1582 and teleports to sector 426, player then will not be able to teleport to sector 426, since line 1582 is W1.
12. DOORYEL2 on lines 1654/2151 infers that door sector 329 ( line 2150 ) can be opened with the yellow key - but it cannot.
13. Lines 1852/1858 could be flagged secret for surprise effect.
14. Monsters at sector 4 cannot teleport out, since sector 97 does not have a line tag, and line 1325 is tagged but does not have a corresponding sector tag. Might just be easier to just delete sectors 4 and 97 all together.

map 30 ...

T28 is outside the map.

map 31 ...

Lines 958, 1273, 1802, 273 and 275 could be flagged secret.

map 32 ...

1. CRACKLE2 out of x alignment at vertex 185. Have it out of x alignment at vertex 184 instead as it won't be noticed.
2. Lines 454 and 1891 could be flagged secret.

Again, an enjoyable mapset by one and all. I hope this info is useful.

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Processingcontrol said:

Sector 614 in Map17 is certainly reachable if you pay attention to the details in the area.

Worked it out. Sectors 582 and 566 are the key - quite clever ! ;) .

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I just hope all the fixes make it in on time; such as being able to get trapped near the exit of MAP25 or the crash at the end of MAP29.

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Matt534Dog said:

Yeah, pretty much. :P I think everyone who mapped for this pretty much just submitted their maps and lost interest.

You could always make a new topic asking specifically for the mappers. As I figure it must be that they have no interest in checking this topic anymore because their work has already been submitted and completed. Add to that the fact that it was put on idgames and they figure their work has been finalized anyway. The only tweaks left are just that - bug fixes and/or adjustments that should be met according to the feedback that was recieved from the Doomworld megawad club playthrough thread. I recommend each mapper to scan that thread for their maps and to make any tweaks or changes as they see necessary.

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I can name like 50 things that are wrong with map19 but I don't feel like making any tweaks. My tastes has changed a lot since the time I made that map. I could adapt it to my new preferences but I think I'll just make new levels instead.

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Just an update to let you all know that the next release is going to be a bit delayed. Sorry, but I've had life get in the way, yet again! I've updated all of the maps that were sent in, as well as some music and graphical glitches. I just need time to tweak the remaining maps. If all goes well, the final release should be out by next Friday, AT THE MOST!

Again, sorry for the delay! :(

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Will this be the final final release? I don't want to start competing and then have my demos desync.

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Memfis said:

I can name like 50 things that are wrong with map19 but I don't feel like making any tweaks. My tastes has changed a lot since the time I made that map. I could adapt it to my new preferences but I think I'll just make new levels instead.

I liked map 19, although it certainly climaxes early, with not much left to do but coast along after the pair of arch-vile fights in the courtyard with the SSG....but those are quite good fights, I thought, worth the price of admission. I agree with you that it's probably better you focus your efforts on making new maps than in trying to reinvent this one, but all the same, I'm curious as to what you feel some of its main problems to be, and what you'd have done differently if you made that same map today.

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Memfis said:

I can name like 50 things that are wrong with map19 but I don't feel like making any tweaks. My tastes has changed a lot since the time I made that map. I could adapt it to my new preferences but I think I'll just make new levels instead.

I liked map19 a lot, ok maybe the map went a bit quiet after grabbing the key but up to then it's a fine map. Sometimes the slot tends to warrant a lull before the storm which usually comes at map20 (or I've been playing too much sod :P)

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Hey guys, make some level descriptions. Please. Even if they're only like one sentence, they're better than nothing. It'd be weird if me and valkiriforce were the only mappers with them in the textfile.

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Processingcontrol said:

Hey guys, make some level descriptions. Please. Even if they're only like one sentence, they're better than nothing. It'd be weird if me and valkiriforce were the only mappers with them in the textfile.

I second this. It's not fit for a mapper to abandon post while there is still text-file editing to be done.

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Geez, peer pressure

Author : Chris Bourke
Aliases : purist
Email Address : chrisbourke AT live DOT co DOT uk
Webpage : http://www.hellbent.iwarp.com/box_widget.html
Contributions : MAP08 and MAP27 (shared with Memfis)
Other files by me : Canary Squadron, Hell Bent E1, October 2011 (MAP01-03), PCCP (MAP35), Hadephobia (MAP04, 09, 15, 20, 24, 29, 34)
Comments : A good bunch of mappers and nice team to be on. It was especially enlightening collaborating with Memfis.

Level name : Panopticon
Author(s) : purist
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder
Bugs : A seg overflow in the courtyard, which isn't very noticeable. Some tutti-frutti near the exit unless Matt fixed that.
Inspiration : Wikipedia for the name. The rest fell into place.
Authors comments : I had wanted to make a map based on an old Dickensian poorhouse and a futuristic version of this seemed to suit Matt's E1 theme of ancient tech bases. I googled work houses for inspiration and stumbled upon a wiki site for panopticons, which are buildings designed so that most of it can be seen from one place. This felt like an interesting thing to create in Doom, but limiting too. I am quite satisfied with map overall but if I was to make it again I would make it more grimy and dirty.

Level name : Wrecking Fist
Author(s) : memfis and purist
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder, don't know what memfis used.
Bugs : Nothing that bothers me.
Inspiration : Memfis' original layout.
Authors comments : I'm not sure how long Memfis intended this map to be but I took over because he said he couldn't finish and a lot of the work had already done. It was cool to inherit this neat, non-linear layout that I could colour in with small aesthetical touches and monster placement and expand with a few smallish areas. I really just felt like I was wrapping up Memfis' work as I thought if I expanded by too much the discrepancy in our mapping skills would be too obvious :-) The bezerk spree at the end turns out optional if you've managed ammo well against the arch viles, pain elementals and cyberdemon but that's better than leaving players too short in those fights. Memfis did the layout other than the bezerk exit and one or two other small additions. I added detail in several areas, most notably the outdoor parts. I did most of the thing placement save for the start area and the arch vile fight for the key. This is a really good level and I can freely say that since it's not all mine :-)

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My apologies, I've been kind of busy lately.

Author : Ashton Bahnmiller
Aliases : Razen / Molten_
Email Address : moltenmustafa@gmail.com
Webpage : http://blankbox.net/ (Not really doom related but w/e)
Contributions : Map10,& MAP16
Other files by me : n/a
Comments : I liked working on this project a lot. Inspiration was hard to come by (Mostly because I'm still fairly new to mapping, and I was surrounded by extremely talented people) but I think I pulled through in the end. I had a lot of fun testing, and the other mappers were a joy to work with.

Level name : Metal Jungle
Author(s) : Razen (Ashton Bahnmiller)
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder 2
Bugs : Some secrets are unreachable (May have been fixed)
Inspiration : Not sure
Authors comments : This map went through a lot of iterations, mostly because I was never really happy with what I had done. Each "version" usually ended with me scrapping the map halfway through, or finishing the starting area and realizing I didn't like it that much. As the cutoff date neared closer and closer things got a bit hectic for me because I wasn't able to work at the leisurely pace I'm used to, but I think it worked out in the end. The map is obviously very cramped and vertically-oriented (Something I'm actually rather partial to, despite vanilla limitations), but I think I did pretty good working with the theme. Enemy encounters are absolutely terrible though, and it's something I plan to work on in my future maps.

Level name : Hell House
Author(s) : Razen (Ashton Bahnmiller)
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder 2
Bugs : None that I know of :)
Inspiration : Once again, not really sure
Authors comments : This map didn't go through nearly as many iterations as MAP10, but in the end I had one completed map I wasn't satisfied with, 3 unfinished maps, and the final product. The first scrapped map was completely different from the finished product. It featured a more open design, with holes in the ceiling showing the skybox of the underground city. The main reason I decided to scrap it was because it wasn't very well suited for coop, and I don't think the open design was handled that well (Especially for one of my first mapping projects). For the finished map I decided to take the beginning of the first scrapped map, a house, and go crazy with the design. I had a lot of fun and I'm actually very proud of this map, I think it turned out great.

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Author : Memfis
Aliases : kuchitsu
Email Address : kuchitsu4 on google mail
Webpage : no personal page but I am kuchitsu on last.fm and myanimelist.net, and kuchitsu4 on youtube.com (forgot the password for kuchitsu so had to make another account)
Contributions : MAP19 and part of MAP27
Other files by me : sbspd020 MAP02, ht MAP17, whitemar MAP04, vodeim21, kashimir, spd6 MAP12, stckblod, map18mem, greenday, kurogane, sf2011 MAP13, bofp, kukuku, horalky, kuchitsu
Comments : Check out FranckFRAG's map14 for the best level\music in this wad.

Level name : Castle Grounds
Author : Memfis
Editor used : Doom Builder 1.68
Bugs : Texture misalignments, possibly HOM in the main area (I managed to get something like 255/256 segs from one point in chocorenderlimits)
Inspiration : Some Hell Revealed maps, texturing in Doom 2 map11.
Author's comments : There are some fun/challenging fights but also a lot of filler, boring backtracking, etc. Some areas look underdetailed to me and the ending is very anticlimactic. I originally used music from Hell Revealed m16 for this map but Matt wanted all new soundtrack.

Level name : Wrecking Fist
Authors : Memfis and purist
Editors used : I used Doom Builder 1.68.
Bugs : Texture misalignments, also there is a trick that makes getting the soulsphere secret somewhat easier (not sure if intended, purist made that part).
Inspiration : Warcade5.wad, some Alien Vendetta maps.
Author's comments : I made a significant portion of this map but lost interest so I posted unfinished version in the development thread. Then purist picked up and finished it. No sure what I think about the final result because I imagined it differently but it's at least not bad. I originally used music from Doom 2 m18 for this map but Matt wanted all new soundtrack.

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Okay lets see what I can remember

Author : Danial Townsend
Aliases : Sgt Dopey
Email Address : sgtdopey0@gmail.com
Webpage : none
Contributions : Map13(with Matt534Dog)
Other files by me : None released

Level name : Underearth
Author(s) : Sgt Dopey & Matt534Dog
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder 2 maybe GZDoomBuilder
Bugs : The maze that rises out of the ground breaks in ZDoom
Inspiration : Can't remember
Authors comments : I designed this map ages ago and I can't remember much of what I did so yeah. The start area was different to what it is now, and because I'm crap I ran out of inspiration and gave up on it and that's when Matt534Dog finished it

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Author : C30N9
Aliases : -
Email Address : c30n9doom on google mail
Webpage : -
Contributions: MAP09, MAP23 with valkiriforce and MAP25
Other files by me: MAP14 from Hadephobia, MAP04 with Joshy PRCP, The Mort.

Level name : Chemical Laboratory
Author(s) : C30N9
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs : Uknown
Authors comments : This was inspired by map from CC3, and it wasn't too long to finish it. The name IMO doesn't fit really, but I didn't think about any other names.

Level name : Bloody Castle
Author(s) : C30N9 and valkiriforce
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs : Uknown
Inspiration : Old Plutonia map
Authors comments : I done the first part of the map (till you reach the moving bars room and take the key), but I wasn't able to complete it for having a mapper's block. valkiriforce came in and completed it while maintaining the same theme. He did pretty much great.

Level name : Demon's Spite
Author(s) : C30N9
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs : Uknown
Inspiration : One of my very old maps
Authors comments : I finally made my old map in a new style and packed it up into an actual /idgames file. The blood textured way was made by me lots of times in different maps in the same theme, but none of them were actually released. As for the wood room, it isn't connected, it's just a new idea.

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