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EffinghamHuffnagel said:

Since it's been bumped.

It's like a five-minute fix in an editor.


Thanks for the tip! I haven't played Interception (yet) but I've made the changes to my copy.

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Inb4 Ultimate Super-Duper Uber Ultra Mega For-Sure-This-Time Final Version of Interception released...

Honestly, I'm all for addressing the game-breakers and the naming problems with a final update wad (with a version number just in case).

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

1. What are all the issues with my map (29)?

1. When you score the outside secret, sector 311, you can run NW, across the space to sector 312 and end up behind the cliffs up against the skybox, stuck in the NW corner. There's nothing to prevent you from running off the back of the cliffs.

2. If you jump off the back of the cliffs and run to the SW corner, there are some missing lower textures back there; lines 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786.

3. I already mentioned line 1582, linedef tag 20, incorrectly being WR instead of W1. This stops you from ever getting to the final Yellow Key door and the exit. I suppose you could leave it as WR if you created another way to get around that linedef. That would be nasty.

4. There's an Imp, thing 307, in sector 12, standing too close to the edge of the cliff. He doesn't move.

5. This isn't very likely, but: on the way to get the secret BFG there's a room with AVs in it (up to three), sector 201. You could get AV-jumped through the window into its/their room. The windows aren't blocked. If you kill the AV, there's no way out of the room.

6. The angled hallway west of sector tagged 17; there are four torches in the hallway. One is in the wall and two are in the middle of the hallway. It looks like the vertices for the hallway were moved at some point, but the torches were not.

7. There are four Archnos in a off-map closet near the start. The closet is not joined to their teleport location, even though both have sector tag 18, so they never hear to activate.

7a. Even if the Arachnos activated, the other closet sector, tagged 30, looks like it's supposed to lower so they can teleport out to the map starting spot. Linedef tag 30 is missing, so it never lowers. I thought it might be better to change the lowering floor to an opening door and tag it to linedef tag 5, the switch which releases the Cyber and the Cacos, so the Arachnos are waiting for you when you head back.

7b. Even if the Arachnos teleported in to the starting spot, I think they'd all be stuck there because of the Brown Stubs and Trees blocking the way out. Also by thing 143, the Brown Stub at the far end of the curved starting area, near the stimpack.

Also, the music for the level has a long silence at the end before it loops. Odd.

Edit: Not an issue, just curious. In the Spiderboss room, the skybox, the lava sector, and the teleport out of the lava, all have sector tag 4, but there is no linedef tag 4. A missed clean-up? Or was something supposed to happen to the lava?

Edit2: Never mind 7b. I just start Interception with -nomonsters and summoned four Arachnotrons at the start spot. All four managed to eventually make their way down to the central area.

And MAP19 was just making sure the Red and Blue Key doors aren't touching each other so they can open. I just split the front door sector, untagged the new middle sector, changed its height, moved some vertices and re-aligned the doortrack textures.

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Just curious, when "The DWmegawad Club played" Interception, why everyone was claiming they finished these maps?

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Because, for all intents and purposes, most of us had. The less experienced of us saw the DWMC as a chance to rectify whatever negative feedback we got. If I'm not mistaken, the Megawad Club would go on to do another unfinished project here and there after Interception.

Interception is finished, but any finished thing can still be updated (much as I would like to move past Interception).

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Sorry for confusing words, in my question I meant "everyone" = players, club members, "finished" = got to the exit. So, why did all the players reach the exit without problems on map19/29?

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The version linked in the DWMC thread was v122, and it has neither of the issues (the blue/red door not opening, the impassable teleport line). In fact, the map that's MAP19 in interfin.zip (Alpha Tower) is MAP12 in inter122.zip!

Comparing the two in DB2... in inter122, for "Alpha Tower", EITHER the blue or red key opens the door - its one door, and both switches open it. So I suspect the author changed that to make sure the player had to get both keys, and didn't playtest it.

As for the teleport line, Club members noticed that monsters could defuse the teleport ambush line, so I bet the author changed to a repeatable line for that reason, not realizing it would make it impassable.

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Magnusblitz said:

As for the teleport line, Club members noticed that monsters could defuse the teleport ambush line, so I bet the author changed to a repeatable line for that reason, not realizing it would make it impassable.

So you're saying the teleport line should stay WR, and something like an SR switch on one of the columns of the Spiderboss platform that would lower a section of the wall past the teleport line as a lift. I know you can strafe-run to the Spiderboss platform from the north. That would work and also force you to kill the Spiderboss rather than avoiding it while it's in-fighting.

Edit: OR. Just change the destination of the teleport north of the Spiderboss to after the WR teleport line. KISS. The map is already hard enough. Doh!

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Apart from what was already mentioned, I found these bugs in "interfin.zip" version. I played in Zdoom 2.8pre-1042 on UV.

Map01: I reflexively backed away from hell knight trap (sector 22) before the door (sectors 52 and 53) closed. I then couldn't get inside the room.

Map02: One imp (thing 127) is stuck.

Map09: Lost soul (thing 248) is stuck. Hell knight (thing 280) didn't teleport into playable areas.

Map15: Three imps (things 77, 190, 191) are stuck. Possibly thing 25 will be too on some other ports.

Map16: Not sure if bug or feature, but all arachnotrons and mastermind on the pillars around the map couldn't see me and ignored me until I shot them. And even then they never fired back, I could kill them with impunity. Also, when the final archvile teleports into sector 427, it becomes stuck.

Map17: One of the fatsos (thing 496) didn't teleport into playable areas. It happens because linedef 2128 is impassable.

Map21: It is a bit annoying that the final blue door cannot be opened from the inside.

Map23: Inescapable lava pit in sector 57. One revenant (thing 1025) outside of the map.

Map24: the two switches which open the exit (linedefs 2159 and 2163) work weird. Flipping them merely lowers them into the floor. To open the exit, the player actually has to run over them.

Map27: large HOM at linedef 1009 when you look from the plasma gun out into the corridor.

Map28: HOM on the ceiling when you look from sector 1678 into sector 11. BTW, I run into severe ammo shortages in this one even when I had some from previous maps. To make it from pistol start, chainsaw or berserk is needed, IMO.

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