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Problem with merged texture pack

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I was trying to combine 5 or 6 texture packs from realm667 for a project (or two) and so far I think I've gotten everything together and have mapped a bit with the textures, but the map doesn't load when I drag'n'drop it and the pack onto prboom+. Doom starts fine, but when I do new game -> UV -> play it comes up with an error.

R_TextureNumForName: SKY3 not found
What is causing this? Here's the texture pack for reference. Sorry if it takes a bit to download. I don't think the map is the problem, as I don't use F_SKY at all. There are some textures in there named A_SKY* or something though. Could that be the problem?

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Unless something's changed recently - for PrBoom+ I'd suggest you use the IWAD's PNAMES/TEXTURE1 lumps as a base and add your custom textures to them.

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