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I can't play Skulltag in multiplayer mode, can you help me?

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Some days ago I started to play Skulltag multiplayer via Doomseeker, but today I realized that the main server banned me.

What happened and what I have to do?

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Did you cheat? Were you an asshole? Did your breath smell?

Someone who has an IP similar to yours could have been banned, who knows.

You probably should take this to the Skulltag forums or go on their IRC network and personally ask them. You probably would have a better chance there.

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Yes, due to the lack of answers, I gave an unban at the Skulltag Forums, and fortunately, I got. =)

I didn't use any cheats and I've never spoken with the other players. I just played, so I was sad, when I was banned without any reasons.

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Good thing I hardly play anymore. I'd start an honest server with some good ol' coop but I doubt anyone'll join.

How is Odamex by any chance?

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