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Fuck you Apple!

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I am adamant in my belief that it's technically/morally unjustifiable to buy a Apple product these days (arguable, but it works for me, OSX's simplicity constrains me more than it assists me and no one's helping the mobile market by buying an iOS device).

But yesterday I took a look at a Macbook Air in an electronics store and decided to see how fast it rebooted. The thing boots faster than a smartphone, is ready to use immediately when the wallpaper shows up and has a 1440x900 13" monitor that's vibrant as fuck.

Fuck you Apple for challenging my notions. I'm buying a shitty Acer laptop out of fucking spite for you.

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I should've put that into quotes. Yes, it allows flexibility under the hood, and is a well designed operating system and a joy to develop on. But as an end-user? I get no customization options, behaviors are totally enforced, the window management is absolutely broken (and this coming from a Gnome user) and Apple applications are gradually losing their characteristic polish. This last aspect in particular is a definite sign that Apple is no longer creating quality products - only mass-market products - with the final objective of assuming a leadership in the marketplace.

I expect that sooner than later we'll be associating Apple to the same things we used to call MS out on: inconsistent software quality and monopolistic tendencies.

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I still maintain the main problem with Macs is the lack of UI customization available. If you need large print and you're a Mac user you're fucked.

That said, iPhones are awesome. They have the same problem there, but still convince blind people to use them because their other accessibility features are unparalleled. Yes, that's right, most totally blind people prefer using an iPhone to something with buttons on it! And yes, I jailbroke my phone so I could install whatever I wanted on it. Their terms for app developers should probably be illegal.

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Mr. T said:

What is simple about OSX? It is still Unix under the hood lol

I found it easier than Windows 7 in a few cases, but not many.
The whole "OS X runs on Unix" is kind of a reversed version of "Windows 9x runs on MS-DOS."

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Technician said:

Apple makes good computers but their other products seemingly have a planned failure of a couple years.

Maybe, but I do happen to be using a first generation iPod to listen to music with. It's alive and well and was manufactured in 2001. It's been through some scary moments, for some reason leaving in my car during the winter will deplete it's battery or something. It's far from broken or obsolete though.

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