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Monster Scripting and Thing Issues

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I solved a few of the problems in my OP by myself, but a few problems remain. These include:

a) I keep getting script errors (script numbers 13, 25, 800, and 801).

b) White, Brown, and Blue Nazis are not dealing any damage.

c) FatFace does not leave a corpse. When he reaches the "corpse" stage of his death animation, his body despawns.

d) I think the dogs aggro the player from anywhere in the level.

e) I am attempting to use the decorations, such as lamps, pillars, etc, but I am unable to get them to appear in Doombuilder.

f) I attempted to copy/paste the correct scripts from this directory. When I put them in a text file in my WAD and saved it, SLADE dubs it as "Unknown" type. I also tried to copy/paste the scripts into DB2 directly and save it as a .acs file, then import that file into my WAD with SLADE, but that yielded the same result and the script errors I get in the WAD remain.

Some software information:

I'm using DB2 to edit using the setting ZDoom, Doom in Doom format with DOOM2.WAD as my resource. I'm using SLADE v3.0.2 beta 3 to manage files within the WAD.

I'm using AFADoomer's Wolf3D TC, with the pk3 file's date modified date at 3/26/2010 to copy/paste sounds, scripts, etc.

Here is the part of my DECORATE lump that contains everything Wolf3D related.

As for permission issues, I stumbled upon this topic, so if I eventually release this project, I'll certainly add AFADoomer to the credits. If others deem it necessary, I'll email him to ask permission.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the wall of text.

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