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phobos lab

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[edit]Jeff just looked at McKnight with the same expression of a cow looking at an oncoming train: blank, lifeless, monotone, and uncaring. He had no idea of what McKnight meant about the dream. Clairvoyance and such things were hooky to him. He asked himself, "What in God's name is McKnight talking about? Only college pukes believe in that kind of stuff! You must be out of your mind man!" Yes, Private Lamb certainly was a Marine alight! He even sounded like one! That thick southern U.S. accent (just the name 'Jeff' connotates itself with southern states) would make anybody automatically want to deduct one hundred I.Q. points from him. A famous comedian from the generation of McKnight's parents once said the exact same thing about himself, though after his retirement he finally drifted out of existence, in a way.

Two sets of eyes stared at each other on the way down to the next level, the Phobos Laboratories. One set had the body and life of a rejuvenated soul, though a bit bloodshot from all the action the owner of them experienced all day. The other set, not quite as young, gave an angry glare across the small compartment of the lift. They didn't look at anything in particular, they just stared. A kind of infernal anger built up inside the eyes, almost independent of the rest of the body. It built up so strong, the eyes turned redder than the younger set; so red that a spark could ignite any second and burn a hole in the wall across from them. Of course, even in this would-be Hell, nothing of that sort could be feasible...not just yet, at least.

Only fifteen seconds into the descent McKnight lost his sanity. He had the advantage of knowing where all the operative buttons for the elevator were at. In fact, they were to his back. One press of the "kill" switch later (a bad choice of buttons at this point) all motion stopped, with a sudden jolt that was hardly worthy of an earthquake. Even so, Jeff jumped up a little bit. "I'm sorry, did that frighten you?" McKnight asked in an angry sarcastic tone.

"M...me? Marines aren't scared of anything, sergeant!" Jeff exclaimed, his voice shaking.

A smile returned to McKnight's face. "Don't worry, I used to be a private too, you know," he told Jeff.

"Of course," he responded. "Since we are at a standstill for the moment, I want to say something. You haven't fully told me how you got here, McKnight. Just how exactly did you get to this military base that you spoke of?"

A straight face returned. "I'll tell you the condensed version. If you heard Lt. O'Neil during the briefing on the way over to this moon, you'll know that I had been ordered to secure the entrance and the perimeter of the installation. The communication channel remained open, as it should have been. After a bit of a deafening silence when the last scream was heard," Jeff started to shiver when McKnight said this, "I decided to be a sitting duck no longer. I went into the hangar, and at first I thought the place was fully deserted. After an encounter with some zombies and heavy artillery, I took no chances from then on. That's when I discovered my first imp. Hideous from the start, they now make my list of most unattractive creatures in this universe.

"I would have been toast at the nuclear plant had it not been for this strange floating blue sphere that actually healed my wounds. I'm surprised you guys didn't find anything of that sort! Then again, it was revealed by a secret switch I found somewhere in the control room of the plant. Needless to say, the hangar was a cakewalk compared to the nuclear plant. Imps and zombies just started to pour in from all directions on that level!

"Now the toxin refinery...,"

"I'm trying to forget that place," Jeff interrupted, with a wince on his face.

"Tell me in a minute. Anyway, I won't go into the battle details on that, except that I decided not to take the route of the blue security door. Instead, I took a bridge that led to another 'secret' place that had not been there when I entered. This bridge led me to the military base. During the trip down, that's when I had the dream I told you about just a few minutes ago."

Jeff shook his head in acknowledgement. Two minutes passed, and nobody said a word. "Jeff, are you alright? Aren't you going to tell me your story?"

"I suppose I might as well," Jeff said back. "You said you ran into opposition from the start. Well, we didn't. We entered the hangar and I took cover position. I should have expected that, being a grunt and all. The hangar checked out totally clear, so O'Neil called us back to the elevator to the nuclear plant. One team stayed behind, just in case somebody decide to check in.

"All we ran into on the next level were a few zombies here and there. That's when some of the guys totally lost it. O'Neil had a tough time trying to keep them together. I suppose during the time he took to get them under control, a few more of these zombies and what you call imps made their way to the hangar. From the sound of it, I guess the team didn't survive.

"At last we came to the...toxin...refinery." At this point, Jeff almost looked like he was going to cry. "O'Neil decided to split what remained of our regiment. Half of us took the path to the left, to the unlocked door, while I joined O'Neil's team and went behind the blue door. Be glad you did not go behind the blue door McKnight," Jeff told him and finally held back the tears.

"What for?" McKnight asked.

"You would have met a large pile of dead Marines in the room that led to the elevator to command control. I'm not sure I want to describe what happened."

"I need to know EVERYTHING!" McKnight exclaimed. "If we do make it out of here alive, we need to have something to report back!"

"Alright, here goes". Jeff continued. "O'Neil had a blue security card on him. Hell, he had all three color cards on him! We barged through the door and met two zombies armed with Marine issued shotguns on them. They went down easy. The path these guys stood on had a 'Y' shape to it. Both destinations led to the same place, however. Here is where I want to forget the most. After we crossed that path, the stairs to the exit greeted us, along with the biggest contingent of zombies and imps anyone had ever seen up to that point. A few of the zombies caught us by surprise and a few of our guys went down instantly. When the first imp appeared in plain sight, everybody just fell apart, even O'Neil. An imp came at him and clawed him a few times. O'Neil got one shot into the imp's stomach, but it still went on. The imp pinioned O'Neil to the floor, started biting at his face, and...oh my God...." Jeff covered his face with his hands.

"Don't say anymore. I think I know what happened next," McKnight responded.

"But the worst part is, I ran like a coward to the elevator door! But what could I do? I was grossly outnumbered! With the load on my back, I would have been easy pickings! So I just dropped by pack, which had all of my supplies in it, and just ran to the door before any imps could get me. When I got down to command control, I found that closet and just lay inside like a baby, wanting to die then and there."

Only McKnight's better judgment and reasoning kept him from strangling Jeff. After all, this kid had only been out of basic training for a month and a half. He couldn't just treat this kid like an experienced Marine. He had a whole life ahead of him, whatever the outcome of this situation would come out to be. He just hoped it wouldn't be spent tied up in chains and being whipped by some grotesque monster.

"I only wish I could tell you that I know how you feel," McKnight commented, "but even after experiencing similar events myself, I don't even know how I feel!" With this being said, he reached back behind him and turned the power back on.

Within a few seconds the elevator arrived at the Phobos laboratories. No marquee to greet them this time, just a long and wide green slime pool. On the floor just before this pool were some scattered shotgun shells. The two Marines divided them up equally. Divide, conquer, and relax over a cold one, as the Marines always do.

"Well, this has certainly put a monkey wrench into our plans," McKnight commented about the slime pool. "I am in no way in a mood for a swim right now."

"Yeah, but all you're missing is the zombie lifeguard!" Jeff joked.

"Can it, I'm in no mood for that right now," McKnight said. What mattered more to him was getting across this slime pool alive. The U.A.C. did issue standard radiation suits just for occasions like this, but none had been found on the way up here. Perhaps the monsters were smarter than he had thought, or maybe a shipment had not come in yet. In either case, it did not change the fact that a large, knee-deep, glowing pool of toxic gunk lay before the two grunts. Only one choice seemed feasible to McKnight.

"We're going to have to jump for it." Jeff gave another expression, this time a mix of 'Do you think that will work?' and 'You must be f**king nuts!' McKnight knew what he thought. "Look, do you just want to sit here and turn back to possibly meet more demons on the way down, or would rather go across and see if we just might be able to clean things up a bit?" Private Lamb decided for the latter.

They didn't have much room to run, but it was all or nothing. A few steps back, a running start, and a nice leap off of the current floor proved almost worthy of an Olympic long-jump, but they had just missed the edge of the floor across from them. Jeff especially landed a little shy. McKnight had to help him out of the pool. He couldn't stand straight, he just lay down on his back with his legs in the air, shaking them violently. The slime finally wore off and McKnight commented.

"How and why was that area even flooded in the first place? Never did I know about security measures such as that!"


"Quiet! You want to attract attention?" McKnight asked in a rather loud voice himself. Too late; from around a corner all the way at the opposite end of where they stood, a zombie and another one of the spectres appeared. "Great. You called them, you deal with them," McKnight told Jeff. The Private hoisted his minigun and pulled the trigger. THUD! Dead flesh was finally dead flesh. Now for the hard part; Jeff tried to follow the blur of the spectre and shoot at the same time, but all he seemed to hit was the brown rock of the wall. He was like a kid who played laser tag the first time: zero percent accuracy.

"Never mind, stand back," McKnight ordered him. Without missing a beat he pointed his shotgun at the beast, let loose three shells, and the blur finally stopped moving. "You see these things? I call them spectres. Out of all the creatures I have met up with, these are the ones you have to watch out for the most," McKnight told Jeff.

"And I thought ghosts only lived on haunted houses," Jeff said.

"One more lousy joke like that and this thing will go down your gullet!" McKnight told Jeff, showing him the muzzle of the shotgun. Jeff gulped and put on a straight face.

They passed the door on their left for now and decided to venture on down the hallway from which the zombie and spectre demon came from. The hallways only seemed to get longer and longer as the Phobos base progressed. It was like an never ending vertigo, only instead of a spiral, it was linear. Around the corner where the aforementioned monsters emerged from was little more than a small parapet overlooking yet another large slime pool, with a shotgun and a few more shells to boot.

"What's with this slime fetish the U.A.C has?" McKnight asked, annoyed. "And to think, green is my favorite color too."

"Could be worse, it could have been....," Jeff was about to finish that sentence, but he cut himself off just as McKnight turned to him with a more annoyed expression than before. "Never mind," he said back.

A certain noise turned their attention away from the attempted joke. Rising from the slime was a brown brick-bridge that zigzagged from one doorway to another. Unfortunately for them, this bridge appeared on the opposite side of slime canyon from them. It was time for another trip back to the entrance. "Now I've seen everything," McKnight said to himself.

What they didn't notice before was a short staircase going up to a small room just next to the door they passed on the way to the parapet. They didn't want to come face to face with something else just yet; besides, the newly risen bridge was worth taking a look at. As it turned out, there was only just enough footing on this bridge to make it across, but even then it looked a tad perilous even for the most experienced wall-clinger. "Grab the wall and don't look down," was the only advice McKnight gave to Jeff. McKnight went first, leaving Jeff in the back once again. He always felt that being in the back would jinx the people that accompanied him somehow. "Be careful; one false step will be fatal," McKnight warned Jeff again. Of course, the Private felt little better about that comment. As they both walked on, Jeff couldn't help but to look down into the slime, even after McKnight told him not to. Is that not always the case? It's a reverse psychology: a person tells another not to look down, and what does he do? Looks down, that's what. Childhood memories of walking along the Grand Canyon filled Private Lamb's head, the kind that would best be forgotten. It's amazing how certain memories can scar one for life.

A few grueling minutes later they both finally crossed safely. "See? That wasn't so bad." No sooner had McKnight said that than he turned the corner and shouted "WHOA!" He was back against the wall behind the bridge, and a shotgun blast narrowly missed his head. It instead took a chunk of one of the outside corners of another wall with it, leaving some brick-dust on the ground. "Get your shotgun ready," he ordered Jeff. He did just that. "NOW!" Three zombies and an imp put up an worthy fight when the Marines charged into this dark hallway. It was a worthy fight because the zombies used shotguns at point-blank range. McKnight was pinioned to the ground by the clutch of one of the zombies. He tried almost in vain to keep the shotgun away from his face. Good old-fashioned hand-to-hand seemed the better alternative right now. Thankfully, the devil actually saved him; an imps fireball impacted right on the back of this zombie's head. One and one became two, and the rest rolled from there. The other two zombies were far enough away that McKnight wasted them with two rounds from his shotgun. The guns that lay on the ground were too tempting not to pick up.

Across from him, the hallway ended shortly with two candelabras and a small open window to the room across. Candelabras? In a science lab? This did not make any sense to McKnight. While admiring the scenery, he found two more victims to play with from across this window: another zombie and a pink demon. They both had their backs to him, so he could use the element of surprise for now. He decided to take out the zombie first. Its head went flying behind it. The noise attracted the demon, but it could not get to McKnight, for the window provided too little room for this demon to plunge through, assuming it had the brains as well. One, two, three strikes and the demon had hit the ground, out like a light. "And THAT'S just for being ugly!" McKnight shouted.

McKnight...McKnight? Whatever happened to Jeff? Not a single shot ever came from his shotgun while McKnight wrestled with the nasties. "Hey Jeff! Where'd you run off to?" McKnight yelled, even though he knew that wasn't a good idea. But before he took off to find him, he finally took the time to check what was underneath his foot, a yellow security card. "What? I don't need this. I already have...." McKnight told himself as he reached into his pocket, but he found nothing. "What the? Where'd it go? I didn't leave it at the military base, did I?" He asked. Obviously, he did, for no keys were in his pockets. "Son of a....I need to keep better track of these things." He then swiped the key from the ground and moved on to find Jeff.

Back at the point where the gunshot took a piece of the wall with it, McKnight discovered something; where the dust had fallen to the ground there was a small streak in it, like someone had slid a shoe in it. "Oh no! JEFF!!!!!" McKnight yelled out again. He could not believe nor accept this. He didn't want to think of the possibility of Jeff falling into the slime at the bottom of the canyon and being dissolved into nothing. Where did McKnight's responsibility go? How could let a kid die like that? That was no way for a Marine to treat other people! McKnight hated the idea so much that he punched himself in the face! "Get your stuff together, Marine!" he ordered himself to do. "You gotta accept that a man has fallen and move on!" So he did.

Another walk across the bridge and down the staircase, McKnight was ready to move on. Almost at the exact moment he touched the bottom of the stairs, a section of the wall next to him started to open. He held his shotgun at the ready, just in case some vile thing decided to give a surprise party. As the wall rose, the features of whatever opened it looked too clean to be a zombie. Polished combat boots, perfectly sturdy pants that had not been torn, and an arm holding a shotgun just like McKnight's that held it in a way no zombie could hold it.

"Geez Jeff! Could you find a better way to scare me?" McKnight asked the somewhat shaken up figure.

"You can never be too careful on this moon base," was Private Lamb's response.

"How did you find this room?" McKnight inquired.

"Well," Jeff said, "after you yelled 'NOW!', my right foot slipped in the dust from that gunshot. I plummeted into the slime, which wasn't even nearly as deep as the pool in the entrance. My boots started crackling, so I high-tailed it. Just when I thought there was no hope, I found another closet. In case you haven't noticed by now, I found a combat armor vest." He tapped the vest he was currently wearing. "Not only that, I found some more shotgun shells on the way out, and the big treat...," he started to pull something out of his vest, something long, cylindrical, and metallic, "...look at this! A U.A.C Class III rocket launcher!"

McKnight put his backpack down, unzipped it, and pulled the exact same launcher out from it. "Beat you to it," he told Jeff, "and already used it to. It's beautiful."

"I'm sure it is, Sergeant," Jeff told McKnight.

"Let's move on," he responded.

Now the only route to take was the unexplored door they had passed up once. "I think you know the drill by now," McKnight told Jeff. The Private gave a nod of approval. Both with shotguns at the ready, McKnight did the honors. How embarassing it must have felt to wander into a town meeting that they were univited to; an entire platoon of zombies, some soldier, some civilian, all armed with something. The one greeting them at the entrance attacked them with a pocketknife. McKnight suffered a cut on the arm, but no real harm was done. Jeff did him a favor though and gave the zombie some lead upside the head.

"I guess I owe you a Coke next time you save me," McKnight told Jeff.

"What an incentive," Jeff said back.

But they had no time for chitchat right now. Across another slime pool situated in the middle of this room, a few more zombies took some pot shots. Jeff took the opportunity to take a shot at the barrel next to them. Zombie guts do look rather nice on a tan wall.

McKnight charged ahead while Jeff was busy playing with his new friends in between two support beams just across from a yellow security door. As with Jeff's playmates, these zombies crowded around a barrel. Pop went the weasel and SPLAT went the zombies. Piece of cake. Now for the yellow door.

"Thankfully I found this along the way," McKnight said while taking out the yellow key card from his pocket. He swiped the card across the slot and the door opened. They discovered a small lift going down into a brownish colored area. "I take it we go down here," McKnight said again. Down they went.

And onto a floor with two zombies and an imp. The monsters had the advantage this time, for the imp let loose a heaving, flaming wad of something into Jeff's face. He was instantly blinded. McKnight could not take any more of this. With one cocking of the shotgun he pummeled two shells into this imp, the first one killing it. The zombies scuttered off someplace else, out of sight of the two Marines. McKnight went back to check on Jeff. "How's your face Jeff?" He asked.

"I can't see! Help me!" Jeff yelled back. McKnight did just that. Jeff still covered his face with his hands from the impact. McKnight moved them away while the Private still whimpered in pain. The Sergeant checked Jeff's eyes, wiped them of the crud that still burned, and applied some first aid anti-burn cream onto his face from one of the kits he found in the military base. After a few minutes Jeff finally gave his gratitude. "Thank you."

"It's part of my job as a superior," McKnight said back.

Two more smaller lifts lowered to the left and right from where they stood. "Let's take the left one," McKnight suggested. This lift could barely hold the two of them together, so the short one second trip was not comfy. Only three walls surrounded them, or at least they thought they were all walls. McKnight had the better experience. He noticed a slight change in the color on the wall in front of them. One push, and a small closet revealed a box of shotgun shells. "Dandy," he told himself. Even this room proved too small for him. As he bent down to pick up the shells, his head hit the next wall in front of him, which also turned out to be a secret door. This one led into a larger room. McKnight motioned his head to Jeff to enter this new room.

At last, a monster-free zone. But this place turned out to be just a little darker than the rest of the labs. In the center of this room was a slightly raised red pentagram similar to one McKnight had seen in the miltary base. "Wait a minute," he said as he took a coin out of one of his pockets. He threw it towards the pentagram, and within a second it disappeared with a short green burst of light. "I see. I don't want to risk this one," he said to himself.

"What was that?" Jeff asked.

"That, Private, was nothing less than a matter transporter. Why it's shaped like a pentagram is beyond me," McKnight answered.

"And this?" Jeff inquired, pointing to something else. This was something McKnight had never seen before or noticed until now. It vaguely resembled the blue sphere, only it wasn't entirely blue. This particular floating ball looked more like a light puple eye with a blue contracting and expanding iris.

"I don't know, but we'll soon find out," McKnight answered back. He placed his hand on this sphere, but instead of the blinding white light the blue sphere gave off when he touched it, this thing let off no light at all, but rather a sound like that of a jet passing by, as it simply disappeared simultaneously. Not only that, but McKnight's arm started to blur out of existence. This blurring continued to crawl up his arm until it engulfed the rest of his body, even his clothes and weapon! In a short while, McKnight could hardly be seen. "I look like a spectre!" he shouted.

"That had better be only temporary," Jeff commented.

"And it better not have an adverse side effect either!" McKnight snapped back.

They made their way around another corner of this room, meeting a wall with the blue security trim on the sides. "Why in the world would they put this on a useless brick wall?" McKnight asked.

"Maybe because it's not brick," answered Jeff. His hand touched the wall. "Feel this. There's definitely a texture change in this material."

McKnight put his hand in the same area that Jeff put his. "You're right." he said, "but why put the blue trim around it? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of a secret door? And just where do we put the key?"

Never the less, McKnight found the keyhole on the trim itself. "Great. Now if only..." he began to say, but as he felt inside his left pocket, he felt something that he didn't feel before. He pulled it out and discovered a blue key card. "Well I'll be damned! Guess I didn't lose it after all!" He felt much better now, especially since the items in his pocket didn't blur along with his clothes.

He inserted the key into the hole on the trim and let the door open. On the other side was one barrel and a pitch black room with a light flashing a quarter-second intervals. "Stay here. When I get out, pull the key from the hole. When I'm ready, I'll knock on the door three times, then you open the door again. Got it?" McKnight asked Jeff.

"Crystal clear," Jeff reponded.

"Good. I have the advantage of partial invisibility and dark room combat experience right now," McKnight said back. He took a look at the barrel and thought for a second. "I have an idea on how to shed some more light in this room." Indeed, for he kicked the barrel over with his foot, causing the toxic ooze to spill onto the floor. The luminescent chemical gave him a head start, as well as attracting a few zombies and spectres.

"CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!" McKnight yelled to Jeff. Without a second to waste, Private Lamb did just that. It shut just as McKnight popped off a shot into an unsuspecting zombie. A few more shots were exchanged between McKnight and the baddies, but no sounds of McKnight getting hurt were ever heard. Then again, the partial invisibility helped McKnight in this situation. About a minute and half fnally passed before Jeff heard the three knocks McKnight had promised. He inserted the key. With a slow whirring McKnight appeared, this time back to his normal self.

"Thank God that was only temporary. I had just enough time to kill them all," he told Jeff. The Private also noticed that McKnight wore something on his eyes. "Oh this? I just happened to find a light amplifiation visor in a small corner of this room. Don't know how much longer it will last, though. Hold on to my shoulders and I'll guide you to the exit."

Private Lamb did not argue. He did want to get out of this station alive after all, and McKnight knew what he was doing. But he did have to ask one thing. "What about the key? If I pull it out, the door will close again, and I won't be able to go through."

"Leave it," McKnight answered. "I found enough rockets in this room for us to blast our way through a door if we needed to."

"But what if we need them in case we run into a whole mess of imps and zombies?"

"I also found a few cases of bullets for our miniguns. Here," McKnight told Jeff as he handed him a few ammo clips, "use these for now."

Without another word, Jeff pocketed the clips and grabbed onto McKnight's shoulders. They both had to maneuver around some columns in this room. They reached the exit door in no time at all. Just at that moment the visor went out. McKnight tossed it aside. "It did its job, and I'm happy," he said.

They entered the elevator, McKnight pressed the switch, and down they went. Their next stop: the computer station. They would hopefully find some records and information behind what was going on in that place of all places.

"Just for the record," McKnight told Jeff, "I'm afraid of the dark."[/edit]

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These are good stories, but Jeff seams like a pussy.

you better have him de-senseatized by the end of the episode...

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Your stories just seem to get better and better Cren :-)

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you better have him de-senseatized by the end of the episode...

Goddamn you....you're good :)

BTW, does anybody notice anything symbolic about the names just yet?

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BTW, does anybody notice anything symbolic about the names just yet?

Mcknight = brave as a knight or something?
Other than that I'm completely blank for the moment.
[edit]Oh yes, and of course Jeff Lamb = cowardly as a lamb.... or something[/edit]

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You basically got it on McKnight, but he's like a knight; fighting a mission and brave like you said.

You got it half right on Jeff's part. You'll find out what "Lamb" really means at the end of the episode :)

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You change homepages more than I do, and that is saying something. :) I'll get these in the next update.

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You'll find out what "Lamb" really means at the end of the episode :)

Mmmmm, roasted lamb.
/Me licks mouth
Oh sorry? I'll find out what it means? Uh, ok.

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My life is hectic...but is the rate of change supposed to be good or bad?

Yes, I know what you mean. I started a new job as a Pest Control Tech (Bug Killer!) and I have been in training to get my license. I haven't been in school in ages.

Change is good, though. :)

[edit]And while you're at it:

I have all the updates up. Sorry for the delay.

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You forgot E1M4...sorry to annoy you.

Yeah, I caught that myself. I'll double check to make sure.

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Originally posted by Crendowing

BTW, does anybody notice anything symbolic about the names just yet?

McKnight and Lamb -- both played on Major League Baseball teams in Texas last year.


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Originally posted by Archvile64
McKnight and Lamb -- both played on Major League Baseball teams in Texas last year.


1)Why did you have to revive this one?
2)You're wrong, dead wrong

My next story has been up for a few days now. I can't post it here because of it goes over the message length limit. So here's a link instead:


This one is pretty long. Hope you have plenty of spare time.

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A) Sorry, since this forum isn't the most alive place around here, this thread was close to the top and since I don't come here very often, I thought I'd check it out. I didn't even look at the reply date.

B) Actually, I'm quite right. Being from Texas, I thought you'd know this...but apparantly you're ignorant :P

Mike Lamb -- 3B, Texas Rangers, is fighting Herbert Perry and Hank Blalock for the starting 3B job this year.

Tony McKnight -- P, Pittsburgh Pirates, was on the Astros last year until they traded him to my beloved Buccos for Mike Williams (who we re-signed anyway, haha, you got nothing out of that deal).

There's a message length limit?

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Originally posted by Archvile64
B) Actually, I'm quite right. Being from Texas, I thought you'd know this...but apparantly you're ignorant :P

I was talking about the symbolism. They have nothing to do with baseball players. Quite frankly, I hate sports altogether.

Originally posted by Archvile64
There's a message length limit?

I'm afraid so. Like, 1000 or so characters. I had like over 3000. Or was it 10,000 and I had over 30,000? Gah, in any case, it said I was way over the limit.

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Originally posted by Crendowing
I was talking about the symbolism. They have nothing to do with baseball players. Quite frankly, I hate sports altogether.

I know, I actually read the whole post before replying this time. I just felt like showing off my 1337 baseball kn0wledge. Or something. When you replied, I thought you were saying I was factually wrong about Lamb and McKnight not playing for Tejas teams etc.

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