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My Doom fanart

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These are really cool, I particularly like "Baphomet", "Doom Rusted", "Doom Panels", and "Doom Pixel Art". The latter really makes one wonder what a Diablo-style perspective game would be like in the Doom universe...

Just checking, are the screens in "Doom Panels" your original work? They would look right at home in a high-res texture pack :)

The pose in "Cyberdemon" reminds me of Adrian's original concept art for the monster as featured in the id Anthology "Book of id". Was this the inspiration here by any chance?

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Doom Panels? It's mostly just the Doom textures. I'm actually a member of Doom Ascension working on hi-res textures.

Yeah the Cyb pose was inspired by Carmack's drawing, but also the Cyb sprite.

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I've seen the hi-res textures in "Doom Panels" and "Baphomet" before in the existing hi-res pack. Are those your original work? So many of those textures have been floating around for so long I have no idea who's responsible for most of them at this point. I do remember years ago submitting a fix that corrected the spelling of "Tei Tenga" on the hi-res PLANET1 though...

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All those pics are fantastic. The "Doom Pixel Art" picture is my favorite though. It makes me want to try to map that entire scene and make a level out of it.

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Kracov said:

I'm currently working on various art projects, but i'd be happy to do requests of Doom art/graphics.

A remake of the Doom2 Titlepic with the Cyberdemon (from cyb.jpg) and your Doomguy (with broken helmet) would be very nice...

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