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new campaign

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Hello all...

I would like to just show off a few pics of the campaign I am working on. Im still learning a few things about the doom engine and i cant find any texture wads and I dont work well with making my own (not very gifted with artsy things....although I would like to think my skill at making maps is ok) so take a look, criticize (constructively), tell me what you think all that good jazz.

The Lift:

The decent:

Rock Bottom:

The Train Depot (still under construction):

(Dungeon 1) The Power House-Entrance:

^^^ sorry for possibly huge pic ^^^

and i removed all enemies from the shots.

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Katamori said:

Will it be one level or you make 2 or more levels?

it will be in chapters
each one being one level.

i am pressing for at least 4 hours of game play per chapter and lots of exploring....i just dont know how to use the engine to its fullest.

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