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Jaguar Doom Conversion

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After entirely too long, I've decided to release my conversion of maps, textures, and graphics from the Jaguar version of Doom. Scalliano made the original version of this TC, but it was ZDoom-exclusive and used Doom 2 as the iwad, so I took it and got it running on vanilla Doom with doom.wad. I was able to recreate a lot of the JagDoom textures with vanilla patches, which knocked the file size down a lot, then I added a bunch of Jag-style graphics which bumped it back up.

The maps have all had tweaks made. I fixed some areas that prevented you from getting 100% completion. I also doubled up the health and armor bonuses, which was a cheap way of making them give 2% in any port, and replaced spectres with demons so a Dehacked patch wasn't necessary. I had to replace a few textures in the maps; mostly switches and textures that were completely missing. If you want direct conversions, use Saxman's WAD32X program.

If you play this with EDGE, Eternity, or ZDoom you'll get a single 24 level "episode" like the real JagDoom. It'll be separated into episodes in vanilla Doom. ZDoom also gets a near-perfect recreation of the JagDoom status bar. Eternity's intermission screen gets a little wonky after completing E1M8.

The included purejag.wad undoes the 100% completion fixes and replaces the intermission maps to be more authentic. It also disables the level music and changes the intermission music in the ports mentioned above. Just load it over jaguartc.wad. The Dehacked patch just has a few text string replacements; E1M2's name and minor rewrites of the E2 and E3 endings so they make a little more sense. MP3s of the JagDoom music made by Cybdmn are in a separate zip. It's not very good, so don't bother downloading it unless you really want it.

Jaguar Doom Conversion
Jaguar Doom MP3 Music

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Let's play some Jag!

I'll give this a try. The most interesting aspect of all the different ports is the architectural changes, in my opinion. While I've only played PSX Doom briefly, never played SNES Doom, and never even seen a Jaguar console in person, they all seem inferior to the PC version as far as graphics and movement (and sound in some cases), so it's cool to be able to play the different ports in a PC Doom environment to check out the maps.

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I'm going to have to play this. I had a Jaguar before a PC so it should be a nice nostalgia kick. I always preferred the memory of minimalism of the Jag version textures and shortened levels against the busy textures and longer maps in the original Doom. I need to see if this is just nostalgia playing tricks on me :-)

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