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Color Remapping issue [FIXED]

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Yep, me again. So I'm trying to remap the colors on a particular flat to make a new flat out of it. I've done this before and it works every time. I'm using XWE by the way. However, with this particular flat everything becomes garbled when I try to use the flat in a level. The flat looks fine in both XWE and Slade3, but when I go to apply it in Doom Builder 2 it looks like a bunch of crazy diagonal lines that look nothing like the original image. Like I said, it's never happened before, so I'm wondering what went wrong. Any thoughts?

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esselfortium said:

XWE, unless you specifically tell it to save as a flat (it's one of the menu options), will save your graphic as a patch.

I think that may have fixed it. I was going from memory and forgot to hit "save as Doom Flat" when I pasted the flat into XWE. I went back and did that and...presto...it worked! Thanks again for your help.

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