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Hell's Catacombs! Coming Soon Trailer!

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Hmmm, some of the fights look alright, looks like you were going for slaughter maps. The level design looks rather underdetailed, and there's next to no height variation in floors. There's at least one part where the player must rely on ZDoom features like crouching to avoid obstacles down a tight hallway, which since it's for Skulltag I guess is ok but doesn't make for very interesting fights.

You say the music is original, do you mean that it was composed just for the project? It's really damn good if it is!

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the music used for the trailer is not. it says so in the description. but the music used in the game is all original. i couldn't possibly use that long of a music track in the wad, it would make it enourmous. most of the music tracks are anywhere from 30-45 second loops, but they are pretty well done, so it appears to be seamless.

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you were talking about lack of variation, and the height problem, i actually gotta tell you. the raw length of the footage was only 15 minutes, i played only about 7 maps. what i did was take the footage, cut the boring stuff out, split up all the interesting parts, and mix them all up together to keep it moving and changing. it really pulls you in.

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