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Platinum Shell

Does anyone else get excited when they find bullet ammo?

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kmxexii said:

I've come to appreciate the chaingun for its ability to stunlock in places where the shotguns would leave you exposed. Say, vs. three commandos, you can keep all three stunlocked (more or less) where the shotguns would be found wanting, especially if you can't provoke infighting. I wish it was a bit faster or potent at times (like when I'm hosing down a Baron) but it serves its particular niche admirably.

this. it's a valuable weapon against lesser enemies, especially hitscanners since it's hitscan too. often you take an elevator and find yourself with an angry mob right at the door and no room to retreat, here a fast firing weapon is your best bet. in most other situations however, a box of shells is more practical than a box of bullets.

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I don't remember being excited with bullet ammo but it happens generally with little bonuses scattered all together in a place, for example health potions or helmets. It's just the hoarding syndrome that makes me want to get all items and kill all enemies :)

But I love when I have to use the pistol. It's a great feeling sniping out enemies from a far distance or through holes. It's even more fun with the chaingun not holding the fire but tapping it periodicaly so that the shoots are more precise. But when I have the shotgun or SSG this is the only thing I love to use.

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