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New Wad- aloha4u2.wad

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Aloha4u2.wad is now available at ftp.archives.gamers.org /idgames/newstuff. I don't know when it will be listed in DoomWorld.

This wad begins with a harmony of howl and roar, and ends in a stinging light show with you walking over the bones of your enemies.

In between, as usual, the Usual Suspects will try to kill you... with flames, with fangs, with fists... with bullets, with rockets.

Protect yourself at all times; Watch your back; Make the right choices.

This wad should be played: full-screen, no music, in the dark.

Comments on this wad and on aloha_oe.wad are welcomed.

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interesting level, to say the least.

but was it good??

well the architecture was unique and creative. I could see that a lot of work went into the various moving parts, and I liked how the level changed as the player progressed.

The gameplay was a mixed bag though. The parts with cybers and/or masterminds were generally pretty exciting and enjoyable. The rest was pretty tame, if not grindy. The start with all the demons/specters, and the part with all the chaingunners... eeh, not so good. most of the other encounters were easy to handle, and thus not all that exciting. The limited health and ammo made things a bit more interesting, and I did appreciate the required use of all ammo types.

All in all a 3/5, with some real potential for future greatness. Keep on making levels, for sure.


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Now that's an irritating and annoying little design flaw. Good catch. On the bright side, gameplay integrity is still pretty much intact. The player gains no advantage as he still requires the blue key at that point. At worst, because of the flaw, he declines a combat scenario, just because he can. Ego and curiosity will dictate what the player does.


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