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Omgea (released)

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Hey everyone, I been working on this level for quite some time. I made it using doombuilder so I think you may need zdoom to play, it's the only thing I've tested it in.

For Doom 2 - recommend


666 monsters (UV) and 13 secrets


All difficulty settings work (with easy being way too easy)
Multiplayer and deathmatch supported.

I hope you enjoying playing this single map - it's tested and everything works.

This has a classic feel to it and hopefully will be at least somewhat entertaining and amusing to play :)

Here's two screen shots:

There is a lot more to this level but I don't have time currently to get screen shots, hope again you enjoy!

If anyone can record themselves playing or make a demo for me I would REALLY be greatful! Thanks all!

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Doom Builder doesn't mean it needs ZDoom, there are several formats you can map in. It would of helped if you specified what format you mapped in so we can know what ports are compatible for those who don't use ZDoom.

And easy shouldn't be incredibly imbalanced in that it's almost an insult at someone who wants an easier time. Unless this is meant to be really tough.

Also both screens look identical and aren't really that interesting. Needless to say I won't judge it by two shots alone and I'll check it out sometime today.

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Thanks guys

I'm not that savvy with this stuff, so basically all I know is I made this with doombuilder and played with zdoom.... I have no clue what ports would work without zdoom, I'm not even sure what this means.

And I have no clue what boom is :/

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Boom is Doom with a B

Nah, but when you open the map in Doombuilder it should say what format it is. Before you press "OK" in the menu that pops up.

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Yup. That means your map is good old vanilla. Or, I mean, its vanilla format, but we wont know if its vanilla compatible since you tested in ZDoom. (I cant check now since I`m at work)

If you choose Boom or ZDoom or some other format when you create a new map you`ll have more options when mapping. It`s more complicated too, logically, so maybe stick to Doom 2 or Boom until you get more experienced, if you are new to mapping (I dont know, are you?)

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Uhg, I couldn't even get through it. I just found the whole thing annoying and hideous, so not much to keep me interested. Not my cup of tea I guess.

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A little off-topic, but lol. The screenshots kinda make me think you're some kind of photographer. You take one shot; run a few feet away, change angle and take another :P

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buttspit said:

A little off-topic, but lol. The screenshots kinda make me think you're some kind of photographer. You take one shot; run a few feet away, change angle and take another :P

One of our finest traditions.

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I don't do newstuff reviews. There are many reasons for this, but lets just say that I was young and naive and I got trolled, deservedly so, but trolled nonetleless. And now I am still (not really) deeply wounded by the whole affair.

Also, reviewing wads takes time. And effort.

But I digress. I am here to do my very own guest newstuff review of this wad. Right here. Are you excited yet? You know you are! So here goes. And if this wad gets submitted to newstuff, I might claim it. And cut and paste this review over to where it really should be in the first place.

So here goes.

The long version:

I am pretty sure this will not run in vanilla. Some areas are probably too big, and some doors and switches are (I am pretty sure,) too close together, which means the rearmost of the switches cannot be used. So Limit removing is the way to go.

But dammit, this could have been amazing. This could have been. Oh my, this could have been. I am gonna say there are three things that happened in this level that have NEVER happened to me before in the entire of my Dooming career. And over the years, I have played hundreds, possibly thousands of wads. Not just one, but three.


I mean, is that impressive or what?


Ponder that for a moment.


Do you want to know what they are? I bet you do.

The first was the coolest barrel trap room I have ever seen. Barrels and pinkies. And when you are shooting those pinkies, you had better not let any of your shotty pellets stray, or (worse) pass through the pinky you are shooting as it dies and go on to hit a barrel or two. Then you are in for what I call a B.R.F.T. Or for those of you who can't read my mind as I just made this acronym up just now, a Barrel Related Fun Time. Fucked, if you want all that in a single, descriptive syllable.

The second unique experience was not so much fun. Getting smacked in the head by revenant rockets. Now this is not anything new, certainly not if you are as retarded as I can be when it comes to dodging revenant rockets. But these rockets were different. Custom monster? No. Scripted? No. Dehacked? No. None of these things explains the uniqueness of these revenant rockets. You see, these rockets simply were fired by revenants so high up on the huge tower you can see in the opening post, that you couldn't even see them coming. It was as if there were flying revenants in some sort of revenant heaven pooping revenant rockets down upon us unworthies here in... not... revenant heaven. Smacked in the head from vertical revenant rockets that one couldn't even see. It might sound like a ripping good time, but trust me, it isn't. (Unless you are using mouselook, which, indeed you might be. In which case, you will simply be able to look up and see clearly that there is no revenant heaven, no pooping revenant rockets, and that there is a rational explanation for all of this revenant rocket nonsense, and thank you kindly for ruining all of my illusions. Go away, damn you.)

So the third thing? Aaaaaaah yes, the third thing. Well, at one point there was a chaingunner stuck inside a tree. True story. Well it isn't much but I tell you, it has never happened to me before. And because I was using ZDoom, the chaingunner was stuck on top of the tree. It looked oddly funny, like he was nesting there, getting ready to have little chaingunner babies which he would dutifully feed chainguner worms each morning, pulled fresh from nearby chaingunner gardens.

I guess you had to be there for that one. Moving on.

The architecture is nothing to write home about, looking for the most part like something straight out of 1994, what with the randomly textured rooms, no real cohesive overall theme, long waits for some lifts, and cramped corridor sections. But some of the rooms looked very good, the lighting was often excellent, and the design overall showed a certain flair that I liked.

Gameplay is a real mixed bag, moving smoothly from frustrating to fun, often with no intervening sections. There were some genuinely good fights to be had, and I really enjoyed a lot of the progression through this level. Some of the secrets were pretty neat too. Archvile use was a highlight I thought. Lots of good gameplay to be had, but the reality is that most people are going to write this off as jumbled, confusing and not a lot of fun. But to do this is to do a great disservice to much of what this level is. If Creaphis were here, I think he, in his wisdom, would have a lot to say about this level which would put on display his famed contrariness (Or he would hate the level and thereby be contrary to what I have written. Either way, there would be some good contrariness to be had.)

And so, dammit, dammit to revenant heaven and back, I kind of have a soft spot for this level. So much of it was fun. So much of it was interesting. So much of it was new. Noobishly new, but new nonetheless. And I will say a lot of work has gone into it. A lot of work.

So to conclude:

If our good friend Mr Clarence Ball 2011 (as seen written in linedefs in the automap) were to persevere with his mapping, to learn a little more about form and function, about what makes good gameplay and what does not, to learn that health is something that is often needed throughout a level and not just reserved for special occasions, that killing a room full of cacodemons with a pistol is not as fun as it sounds, that not everyone has the sheer level of perserverance that yours truly does, that this is not 1994 and we are not in Kansas anymore, then he will truly become a mapping force.

This map puts on display a mapping potential so big that it looks like a big bag of potential that fell out of the potential tree, hitting every potential branch on the way down, and landing on the roof of a house made entirely of potential. Which was floating on a lake of potential. Which, if you looked at it just right, was potentially not a lake but ocean. Potentially.

And now for the short version:

I am truly sorry, dear reader. If you bothered to read this far, I commend you. There is no short version.

Salutations and farewell.

And Clarence. Whatever anyone else says, I for one, enjoyed this map.

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Thanks for the in depth review man, really appreciate it!

Thanks to those who did take time to venture how-ever far they did in this level as well!

Did anyone find all the secrets? Including the overly complicated secret at the beginning that leads to a series of portals (that when the map is played through, opens sort of a gateway of shortcuts)

Also if anyone has time and wants too - I would really love to witness someone else playing this level - if anyone is into recording demos

Thanks all!


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