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Question about a few mods..

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I've been browsing Doom 3 mods recently. And I've noticed like 3 different Doom 3 Alpha mods. Which one is exactly the best (To anyone who has tried them). I downloaded D3_Alpha but I don't noticed a huge difference in the game. I was also browsing the pk4 files and noticed there are a few e3 maps in the pk4 files but I can not get them to load properly.

I've also noticed that there are a few different graphical tweak mods to make the game more High-Res. But when I look at the screenshots posted with the mod I don't see much difference. Which ones do you guys prefer?

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I tried some mods that included some things from the alpha, but none of the mods managed to include that alpha shotgun model, so I was kind of disappointed. The more minimalistic HUD is cool though.

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