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WADs that are newly submitted to /idgames

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Rarely (maybe not so rare), WADs that are submitted to the /idgames do get accepted; but they seem to slip under the radar. The WADs don't necessarily break any of the submission rules. They just pass by unnoticed.

For example, the database frontpage (doomworld.com/idgames) doesn't list them under "latest files". But making a search will yield them as results. Plus, the /Newstuff Chronicles seem to miss these WADs.

Is this unintentional or is there a reason, like perhaps a limit on how many WAD's a person can submit in a week or something?

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Can you give an example? While its true that wads won't always appear under the "latest files", I am pretty sure that they get picked up by the /newstuff chronicles, as they are still in the archive. Note that doomworld doesn't actually maintain the archive itself, it simply mirrors it.

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Those WADs are from 2003. Currently the T/nC use a system where the WADs appear in a list and gradually get reviewed by anybody that signs up to the forums. Before that, an assigned reviewer would check the /newstuff directory and review everything himself. Back then, people didn't have time to review everything sometimes or people were unavailable to take on the task, so some WADs were missed. If recent uploads haven't been reviewed it's generally because there's a queue of older WADs to review before them.

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