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Finally the Klingon textures

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Hello doomers, as I can see,
only today I understood that my first resource wad (textures) has become public in Doomworld Chronicles #394 (KHGRES.zip, Klingon Honor Guard Textures).
But why so much time since I've posted it 1,5 months ago?
Oh, and I can see that the simply wad wasn't so satisfy for all...
Because it's in the zip ONLY for viewing purposes, nver touching alignments or "unpegged" things...

Well, my "Horde Of Titans" project is STILL in progress, I've only little times to dedicate for, maybe I will post some new resource wads.

This is the list of my wads that are waiting to enter in our Doomworld:

Q3ARES.zip - Quake III Arena Textures

JK2RES.zip - Jedi Knight II Textures

UNRRES.zip - Unreal Textures (no AddOns, sorry)

UTRES.zip - Unreal Tournament Textures

CBURES.zip - Clive Barker's Undying Textures

SHMRES.zip - ShadowMan Textures

ROTHRES.zip - Realms Of The Haunting Textures

UWRES.zip - Ultima Underworld textures ... and maybe a TC!

I hope that I wiill have the time to bring them for all of YOU!


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I don't know what are the rules for texture packs being accepted, but I hope you avoided the mistakes that unfortunately many people do when ripping textures:

1. Removed duplicates
2. Checked the textures with doom/heretic/hexen palette (or leave a notice they should only be used as pngs because of bad conversion)
3. added mirrored textures for entires that are clearly a "half" of a texture

Nevertheless - I hope the texturepacks you ripped will be hosted somewhere soon. Some of these games have great textures (I think Undying has a very interesting set)

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Ozymandias81 said:

JK2RES.zip - Jedi Knight II Textures

I'm very interested in this. :) Great game.

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Many thankx to LLemo for the advice.
I'll do the best I can do for brought these fascinating textures...
I forgot to mention these following resource wads too:

COMMRES.zip - Crusaders Of Might & Magic Textures

CYCLORES.zip - CyClones Textures

Well, I go back to work, happy fraggin' to everybody!

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