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Anybody want to listen to Hexen 64 or Mac Hexen's music while you play?

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I got my hands on the MP3s for both soundtracks, and zipped them up in PK3s to replace the Hexen soundtrack. There are constantly people flooding the archive's FTP server so I can't get it uploaded right away, but I'll get them posted eventually.

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Hexen 64 GST
Mac Hexen OST

There. Maybe someone can upload them to idgames if I never get the chance.

On a note regarding these, I've been a mac user through my childhood, and I always thought the mac port of Hexen did a better job of the music than the original MIDIs. The distortion/overdriven guitar segments are more intense and rockin, for instance, and the boring flute instrument (whatever it is) was replaced with something that sounds better IMO. Guardian of ice even sounds more ice-like.
Yet these tracks don't deviate too far from the MIDIs to be jarring. It really is just a soundfont conversion.

Hexen 64 on the other hand, well, they're based on the same tracks, but they've been remixed so far the untrained ear would have difficulty picking up on the similarities. It's hard to describe: Hexen 64's soundtrack was made to be more ambient and surreal, I can imagine people having mixed opinions on it.

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I feel Hexen 64's music suits the game's setting quite well. Perhaps because the game brings these things to mind: barbaric, Ancient Greece/Rome, gladiators, medieval ages and some others.

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